Welcome to Japan Week 2023

This will be our 7th annual JAPAN WEEK @ Bellevue College. We are excited to announce that this will be the first Japan Week since 2019 that is hosted fully on-campus! It only seems fitting that the 7th Japan Week’s Kanji was selected to be…

This year’s kanji “Fuku” Good Fortune (Calligraphy by BC student, Yurie Hara)

…. “Fortune”. Since this is our 7th annual event, the first thing that came to our mind was the 七福神 (Shichi Fuku Jin, the Seven Lucky Gods). In Japanese cultures as well as many cultures around the world, seven is regarded as a lucky number. As this year’s kanji indicates that despite all our challenges, we hope everyone will have a fortunate year.

Thank you to everyone for their participation in this year’s contests!

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Download the Saturday event program: 2023 Japan Week Program
Printed programs will also be available on-site

2023 Contest Information

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Kyaraben and Origami Contests: Photo Submission due Sep. 22 (Fri), 11:59 pm
On-Campus Contests: Sept. 30 (Sat), Click Here to see times

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