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Manga – Anime – Games – Live-Action “The 2.5D Musical”
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Ghost (obake)

The World of Yōkai − Mysterious Spirit Allies
Japanese Yokai – 1. Japan, the Land of Yokai
Japanese Yokai – 2. Birth of the Yokai
Japanese Yokai – 3. Oni, the Quintessential Yokai
Japanese Yokai – 4. Kappa, the Quintessential Yokai
Japanese Yokai – 5. The Edo Period Yokai Explosion
Japanese Yokai – 6. Hokusai and Kuniyoshi
Japanese Yokai – 7. The Spread of Yokai Culture
Obakeyashiki: Ghost Houses of Frightful Fun
Yokai are not “Japanese ghosts?!” The 3 main differences of yōkai (demons/devils) and yurei (ghosts)
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