To protect everyone’s health and safety and in consideration of our obligation to avoid the 3Cs 三つの密: 密閉、密集、密接 (Closed spaces, Crowded places, and Close-contact settings), the Bellevue College Japanese Culture Exchange Club will be presenting the 4th annual “JAPAN WEEK at BC” virtually (online only) this year with support from the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.

Currently, we are seeking photos and videos for the following four Virtual Japan Week 2020 Contests. There will be prizes, so have fun participating!  (Text in Japanese below日本語での説明も下にあります)

Prizes provided by: Bento-ya Goemon, Bokksu, Hurry Curry of Tokyo – Bellevue, Sakura-Con, Sandwich House TRES, Sugimoto Tea Company, and Uwajimaya.

  1. Cosplay Photo Contest = Put on your favorite cosplay costume and submit at least two photos (two angles – e.g. from the front and back) with your favorite action pose. Win Prizes provided by Sakura-Con!
    1. If your costume obscures your face, please provide additional photo(s) that ‘prove’ you are the person wearing / submitting this costume [no submitting other people’s work  🙂 ].  Please keep your cosplay photo appropriate for a family-oriented event.
  2. Japan Trivia Quiz = Submit Japan-related trivia questions (with answers) in English and/or Japanese to be used on the Japan Week website. Win Prizes!
  3. Kendama Contest = Submit a video of your kendama tricks. The contest will be judged by world-class Kendama experts Nick (former world champion) and Zack Gallagher, who are both Bellevue College alumni. Win Prizes!
  4. Tea Photo Contest = Be creative using any kind of Japanese tea. Submit Japanese tea-related photos and recipes. Some examples: tea beverages (like matcha latte, matcha milk shake, etc), ochazuke, green tea desserts (cheese cake, mousse, ice cream, cupcake, cookies, etc), confections, facial packs made of powdered green tea, or any photo just showing a cup of Japanese tea (specify the tea type used).  Prizes provided by Sugimoto Tea Company. 1st Prize: Sakura Kyusu and assorted teas (Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, and Kukicha), 2nd Prize: Nodate Matcha Set.

Photo submissions should be in either JPEG or PNG format.   

Submit your photo(s), video link(s), and any questions to:


Submission deadline: September 19th (Sat), 2020

To be ADA compliant, we would like to include captions, so please send a brief description of your photo/video with your submission.

Your submission will be published on this website on Sept. 28th (Mon) and other social media outlets. Contest winners will be announced on Oct. 3rd  (Sat) on the Japan Week website, Japan Week Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages. All of your submissions/entries become the property of Japan Week.


Our 2020 virtual Japan Week website will become fully active on September 28 and will provide links to many new and existing videos, photos, and information on a wide variety of different Japanese culture-related topics as shown in the below Topic Tiles. Each tile will open to a list of various links that will be “clickable” on Sept. 28th, 2020, so please stay tuned!

Virtual JW web image v5


賞品提供:  Bento-ya Goemon, Bokksu, Hurry Curry of Tokyo – Bellevue, Sandwich House TRES, Sugimoto Tea Company, and Uwajimaya.

1)お茶の写真コンテスト=色々な形でお茶を使った写真を募集します。例として、抹茶など日本茶を使った飲み物(抹茶ラテ、抹茶シェイクなど)、スイーツ(アイスクリーム、抹茶チーズケーキ、カップケーキ、クッキー、ムースなど)、和菓子、お茶漬け、フェイシャルパックなどの写真とレシピを募集中。優勝者にSugimoto Tea Company より賞品あり。一等賞 Sakura Kyusu and assorted teas (Sencha, Hojicha, Genmaicha, and Kukicha), 二等賞 Nodate Matcha Set.




写真はJPEGまたはPNG形式で、ビデオ動画はmp4形式で JapanWeek@bellevuecollege.eduまでお名前(または代表者のお名前)と投稿作品の簡単な説明を添えて9月19日までにお送りください。




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The annual JAPAN WEEK @ Bellevue College is planned and organized by the Bellevue College Japanese Culture Exchange Club student members utilizing 200+ volunteers. It is a one-week long event consisting of lectures, demonstrations, and workshops introducing various aspects of Japanese culture and history during the week for BC students. The Saturday of Japan Week is a Japanese festival day (“Matsuri”), open to the public and dedicated to celebrating Japan’s rich culture and history. Join us for a day of games, food, music, performances, workshops, and activities: Play with traditional Japanese toys in the “kids” corner, shop at our Flea Market full of authentic Japanese gifts, learn the Code of Samurai “Bushido,” enjoy the martial arts/tea ceremony/flower arranging/calligraphy demonstrations, take a picture at the yukata photo booth, enjoy Japanese stories in the Planetarium, show off your karaoke talents, participate in the cosplay contest, and test your knowledge of Japan in the Japan trivia contest. JAPAN WEEK @ Bellevue College offers fun activities for everyone of all ages!

Make sure you experience all that the Japan Week Festival has to offer. Plan your visit by checking out our full list of activities, exhibitors and performers from the greater Puget Sound region!

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