Welcome to Japan Week 2024

Welcome to Japan Week 2024! This will be our 8th annual JAPAN WEEK @ Bellevue College, presented by the BC Japanese Culture Exchange Club. The weekdays, Sept. 30 (Mon) through Oct. 4 (Fri), feature lectures and demonstrations for Bellevue College students. Oct. 5 (Sat) is our Matsuri (festival) day open to the general public and to BC students who missed the weekday events. Japan Week aims to introduce multiple facets of Japanese culture and to nurture and promote the cultural arts of Japan. This year’s kanji character is …

This year’s kanji “Makoto” means “Sincerity” (Calligraphy by BC student, Yurie Hara)

More information on this year’s Japan Week will be added as we plan another exciting event this year! Stay tuned!

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