Welcome to Japan Week 2022

We are back on campus!

This will be our 6th annual JAPAN WEEK @ Bellevue College. The 4th and 5th Japan Week events were both held as virtual (online only) events. This year, the event will be hybrid: a combination of live sessions on campus, live online webinar sessions, and pre-recorded videos on our website. The 6th Japan Week’s Kanji was selected to be…

Susumu (Calligraphy by BC student, Yurie Hara)

…to ‘progress; advance’. As this year’s kanji indicates, we hope to keep on marching forward one step at a time. Even if we feel like we are stuck at times, by moving forward we can come out of the tunnel together. The COVID-19 pandemic is still present and has affected the lives of so many people around the world since 2019. Let’s continue to be cautious, but remember to advance by taking a step forward.

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