Shinwa (Mythology)

Amaterasu and Susanoo: The Myth of the Cave and the Fight against the Dragon
Creation Myth of Japan
Genesis/KUNIUMI 国産み – the birth of Japan – Myths and Legends
Kojiki 1: The Creation of a Nation



Yasuke: Story of the African Samurai in Japan
William Adams: Story of the English Samurai in Japan
History of the Samurai: Outsiders to Legends
Battle of Sekigahara 1600 – Sengoku Jidai DOCUMENTARY
What Life Was Like as a Samurai In Feudal Japan
The Most Famous Samurais: The Greatest Warriors of Japan
The Samurai: The Famous Warriors of the Rising Sun



Real Ninjas Show Their Skills



Japan’s independent kids
In Japan, young people rush to document Hiroshima survivors’ memories
Who were the First Japanese?
Asuka & Nara Period
Japan in the Heian Period and Cultural History
The Shogunate
The Origins of the Shogun and the Bushi
The Rise of the Kamakura Shogunate
The Muromachi Period
Sengoku Jidai – Battle of Okehazama
Oda Nobunaga & Azuchi-Momoyama Period
Edo period to Meiji Restoration
Life in Edo Japan (1603-1868)
History of Japan explained in eight minutes