Our Daruma Mascot

Daruma was a Buddhist monk who introduced Zen to China. Over the next 1,000 years, Zen spread to Korea and Japan and became an important part of Japanese culture.

Many stories about Daruma have come out of the long history of Zen, and his image has come to represent many things. His striking eyes represent his legendary focus during meditation. Some say he sat staring at a wall so intensely focused and for such a long time that his limbs were lost to atrophy. In more recent years, his image was adopted as a charm in yearly festivals.

The Daruma doll is round in shape and returns upright if knocked over (a “tumbler” doll). The phrase “seven times down, eight times up” (七転び八起き) has been associated with his image. Just like the tumbler doll, persistence can help us follow our dreams and reach our goals.

The tradition goes that we color the first eye of the Daruma Doll when we set a wish for the year, and we color in the second eye once the wish is realized. Please join us in this tradition. Color in the first eye of your Daruma to set focus on your goal, and let us persist together in making our dreams a reality.

Open a printable PDF to download or print. Depending on your browser, you may have to save an image version by clicking on the Daruma image below to open it in a new window then right-clicking and selecting “Save image as”. Both linked images will have two ‘blank’ (not pre-filled in) eyes. Feel free to print it and color in one eye while making a wish. After your wish comes true, don’t forget to complete your Daruma by coloring in the other eye.