Martial Arts


Aikido 合気道

Aikido&Jiu-Jitsu&Ninja techniques
Use ATEMI to change technique
Sutemi in Aikido
Variety of Throws by Shifting Body Weight
Aikido − Spirit of Harmony


Judo 柔道

Judo Documentary
JUDO – The best match of All japan 2016
5 basic judo throws everyone should know
Judo − Soft Overcoming Hard


Karate 空手

10 Differences Between Karate in Okinawa & Japan


Naginata 薙刀

Tendo Ryu Naginata-jutsu
Jikishinkage Ryu Naginatajutsu
Pacific Northwest Naginata Federation – Japan Week 2020


Kyudo 弓道

Preparing for 8th Dan Kyudo Grading
Kyudo 8-dan exam at Meiji Jigu
Yabusame – The Art Of Horseback Archery
Women Horseback Archers Compete in Yabusame
Kyudo − The Way of the Bow


Kendo 剣道

Introduction to Kendo
Kendo Kata 1-10 5th Dan Exam
Kendo Kata: Kamae Explained
15th All Japan 8-dan Kendo Championships – Final
Kendo − Spirit of the Samurai Sword


Iaido 居合道

Six Basic Moves
Tameshigiri – Japanese Sword Test Cutting in Fuchu
All About Iaido: (Martial Arts Documentary)


Sumo 相撲

Sumo Wrestling 101
This is What The Biggest Sumo Wrestler In The World Is Capable Of
Daily Life at a Sumō Stable
The 10,000-Calorie Diet: This is What Sumo Wrestlers Eat
Sumo Match – Tokyo
Grand Sumo: The Beauty of Tradition


Shorinji Kenpo


Shorinji Kempo by Empty Mind Films
Shorinji Kempo Demonstration



  • 10min Binge – Joint Pain
Core muscle training
Traditional Budo Equipment
Yuru Sports – A Laid-back Approach
Working Out to the Radio
The Way of the Ninja An Art for Living
The Japanese Way of Baseball
Japan’s secret to good health