Science and Technology



The Amazing Japanese Toilet
12 Reasons Why Japanese Bathrooms are the Best!
Technology in Average Japanese Homes
Japanese Home Appliances Most Advanced Technology
he best part of winters in Japan! The Kotatsu culture!
Beat the heat – New cooling technologies



Japanese High-Tech Films Revolutionize Food
When food becomes scarce – high-tech farms of the future 
Digital Farming Makes Agriculture Sustainable
Technology transforms Japan’s agriculture



Clean Water for All
Eliminating Food Waste − New Advances in Technology
Environmentally-Friendly Bioplastics
Innovating Future: Clean Power Technology
Japan’s low-carbon hydrogen technology helps protect environment
Environmentally-Friendly Bioplastics




How Japan Is Building Disaster-Proof Skyscrapers
Inst. of Arctic Climate & Environment Research, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science & Technology
Japanese innovative idea to help build disaster-resilient nations
Tokyo Sewage Museum: More than Crap
Highway through a Building Story
Prepared for Disaster
Flood Control from Underground
Extending Communications Infrastructure Into Space
Innovative Underground Cycle Parking
Solar Power for Rooftops Everywhere



Breakthrough Technologies Supporting Japan’s Healthcare
Revolution in Bone Regeneration
Japan develops technology to improve health
Safer Japanese Methods for Deterring Insects
Cutting-edge Surgical Instruments


No-touch touch screen
Top 10 Most UNBELIEVABLE Food Vending Machines in Tokyo, Japan!
Japanese Vending Machines Exposed 日本の自動販売機
The Vending Machine: High-Tech on the Sidewalk
Making Industrial Robots Intelligent To Improve Productivity
Welcome to a World of Robots
Day in the Life of a Japanese Mechanic
Advanced Mobility Service For Last Mile Transportation
Casio Yamagata Factory Japan
Touchless touch screens – A life-changing innovation
Top 5 Japan’s Coolest Robots – Technology of the Future Today



New Challenges for Projection Mapping
National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) – Tokyo
Fireworks Traditional Skills in a Modern Entertainment
Japanese Stationery − Sparking Joy



THE MAKING – very interesting factory tour video of various products

Scanning History’s Secrets
Kaizen The Secret behind Japanese Productivity
Extending Communications Infrastructure Into Space
Unique Japanese inventions
Inside Japan’s tech revolution – BB
Japan and Industry 4.0
Japan : Innovative Technology
Japan & Australia – designing new technology together
Only in Japan. This Is Why Japanese Are Living in Future
Japanese convenience and innovation
Yonex Brandography: History of Yonex and Behind the Scenes at their Factories in Japan

Giant 3D cat prowls over Tokyo