Music and Dance




Behind the Scenes in a Noh Theater
Behind the Mask of the World’s Oldest Surviving Dramatic Art
Noh Theater in Japan Japanology 能 Nō
Excerpt from the Noh play ‘Kuroduka’



Jikabuki – 300 Years of Amateur Theater
Kabuki: The people’s dramatic art – Amanda Mattes
What are the 3 main differences between Noh theatre & Kabuki play? The 600 years of history!
Kabuki Theatre
Kabuki in Japan Japanology 歌舞伎
Japan, Kabuki, and Bunraku 
The Classic Theatre of Japan Produced by Koga Production
STAR WARS: A Japanese dance-drama from a Galaxy Far Far Away!


Nihon Buyo

NIHON BUYO – Rin Hanayagi/Interview
NIHON BUYO – Traditional Japanese Dance
Japanese Traditional Dance – Nihon Buyo
A day in my life on the traditional Japanese stage | Not Maiko, not Kabuki, this is the NIHON-BUYO
Japanese Dance Training Experience in Hyogo



Niihama Taiko Festival
Wadaiko − Japanese DrumsDrumming with Soul


Bon Odori

2020 Virtual Dance Practice – Hokkai Bon Bushi
2020 Virtual Dance Practice – Oyama Ondo
Dancing for the Departed

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Dainichido Bugaku – A 1,300-Year Old Dance Tradition
OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down – Official Video filmed in Japan
These Japanese Grannies Have Impressive Hip Hop Moves
Geisha vs Oiran: What’s the Difference? 花魁と芸者の違い

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