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Behind the Scenes in a Noh Theater
Behind the Mask of the World’s Oldest Surviving Dramatic Art
Noh Theater in Japan Japanology 能 Nō
Excerpt from the Noh play ‘Kuroduka’



Jikabuki – 300 Years of Amateur Theater
Kabuki: The people’s dramatic art – Amanda Mattes
What are the 3 main differences between Noh theatre & Kabuki play? The 600 years of history!
Kabuki Theatre
Kabuki in Japan Japanology 歌舞伎
Japan, Kabuki, and Bunraku 
The Classic Theatre of Japan Produced by Koga Production


Nihon Buyo

NIHON BUYO – Rin Hanayagi/Interview
NIHON BUYO – Traditional Japanese Dance
Japanese Traditional Dance – Nihon Buyo
A day in my life on the traditional Japanese stage | Not Maiko, not Kabuki, this is the NIHON-BUYO
Japanese Dance Training Experience in Hyogo



Niihama Taiko Festival
Wadaiko − Japanese DrumsDrumming with Soul


Bon Odori

2020 Virtual Dance Practice – Hokkai Bon Bushi
2020 Virtual Dance Practice – Oyama Ondo
Dancing for the Departed

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Dainichido Bugaku – A 1,300-Year Old Dance Tradition
OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down – Official Video filmed in Japan
These Japanese Grannies Have Impressive Hip Hop Moves
Geisha vs Oiran: What’s the Difference? 花魁と芸者の違い