Sayuri Barritt

バリット左由利、アメリカ管理栄養士、Bastyr大学で栄養学を学んだ後、アイオア州立大学のの管理栄養士研修を経て、免許取得。大学で学んだHolistic, whole food nutrition を基に、個人の食事パターン、睡眠、ストレス、社会的面など全体的に判断し食事療法を日本語と英語で提供。現在、Performance Kitchen社のほうで、栄養価の高い冷凍食品の開発に携わる。

Sayuri Barritt, RD CD. Graduated from Bastyr University with a major in nutrition science. After completing the dietetic internship program at Iowa State University, she earned the RD credential. Based on the principles of holistic, whole food nutrition, she provides various therapeutic diets in both Japanese and English to individuals based on their dietary patterns, sleep and stress levels and social aspects. She currently works as an RD at a Seattle-based company, Performance Kitchen, that develops healthy, nutritious frozen meals.