Planetarium Storytime







Planetarium Storytime

Let’s enjoy Japanese folktales while star-gazing at the planetarium!

Voice Library in Japanese presents mesmerizing storytelling of “Kaguyahime” under the stars. A story of a beautiful princess born from a bamboo who will magically return to the stars.

Story will be recited by members of Voice Library – a non-profit volunteer organization established in 2004 for the Japanese Americans and Japanese who are visually challenged, recovering from illness, or having difficulty going out. Audio CDs are created for renting out or gifting. “Voice delivery” visits are made at Japanese senior facilities, individual homes, and organizations to read out to those who enjoy listening to Japanese.

Join us and enjoy the nostalgic Japanese folktale under the stars at the planetarium. Picture-story show “Kami-Shibai” is also presented in Bldg. D-103.