Elements of Japanese Interior Design

Japanese culture has a deep and long history and it’s fascinating how these design principles have permeated into religion, philosophy, life style, culture, and aesthetics in various ways over a millennium. These principles continue to influence people as designers and human beings in meaningful ways

I will talk about today’s Japanese homes. They tend to be small and situated close to one another, whether in urban or rural settings. Yet key features of traditional Japanese residential design ensure privacy, natural light, protection from the elements and contact with the outdoors — no matter the size of the house or its location. But, how? I will also talk about how to bring Japanese elements into your home.

Topics :

  • Japanese Pop culture/products in US (religion, philosophy)
  •  Frank Lloyd corrected Japanese Art (aesthetics)
  • Japanese house in Tokyo (life style, culture)
  • 6 elements in interior design 
  • House / sample projects in Seattle