About Our T-shirt

The Japan Week mascot is a Daruma as depicted on our Japan Week T-shirt. A Daruma doll is round in shape and returns upright if knocked over (a “tumbler” doll). The phrase “seven times down, eight times up” (七転び八起き) has been associated with this daruma image. Just like the tumbler doll, persistence can help us follow our dreams and reach our goals.

The tradition goes that you color the first eye of the Daruma Doll when you set a goal or wish, and color in the second eye once the wish is realized.

The kanji (Chinese character) on the Daruma has been 夢 (“yume” = dream) in 2017 and 2018. The kanji  和 (“wa” = peace / harmony) was selected as the theme kanji for 2019. The kanji calligraphy on the T-shirt was written by our club member, Kei Nagara. The theme kanji for 2020 is 輝 (“kagayaku” shine / glow). The kanji in calligraphy was written by our club member, Hyangri Bae.

If you volunteer at Japan Week for four hours or more, you will receive a complimentary T-shirt. Otherwise, anyone can purchase the T-shirt at the Bldg. L-Lobby on the Japan Week festival Saturday. Please show your support by purchasing a T-shirt. All proceeds benefit future Japan Week activities.