About “Songs of Hope”

Songs of Hope (SOH) is a Seattle-based musician group which was established in order to support Tohoku (north-eastern Japan) through a benefit concert series after the March 11th triple disaster in 2011.  After five years of support activities, SOH became the mother organization for the community choir Chorus of Hope, the bake sale group Nadeshiko Bakery and the study group From Seattle To Fukushima: Helping Mothers in Fukushima through Study and Activities.

Their musical activities take place throughout the Puget Sound region.  And now, in addition to concerts, they also receive invitations from schools and various events to do educational presentations introducing Japanese music.


SOH supports an NPO in Fukushima, called Mothers’ Radiation Lab Fukushima (MRLF)/ いわき放射能市民測定室「たらちね」.  Their mission is to improve the hopeless situations of Fukushima residents created by the nuclear accidents in 2011.  MRLF gives mothers a sense of relief by offering radiation measurement, screening tests and educational information.  Last June MRLF opened a clinic and started a fundraising campaign to provide every child with a free health check-up.

Radiation exposure will continue to affect many lives, especially young ones, and each year it will get worse.  Please follow the most recent updates from Fukushima!