2021 Origami Contest




Children’s division (Age 12 & under)

Leo W.

from the United States


from the United States


from Washington, USA

Most Fun Award


from Washington, USA

Most Heart-Warming Award


from Washington, USA

Most Kawaii Award


from Washington, USA

Teen’s division (Age 13-19)

Leo M.

from Washington, USA


from the United States

Adult division (20 years old and up)


from Washington, USA


from Washington, USA


from Washington, USA

Best in Show


from Oregon, USA


Listed in order of submission

Children’s division (Age 12 & under)



Agathe from Washington, USA
Model: Fox / Photo frame / Cup 



Yuhma from Washington, USA
Model: ジェット飛行機


至&究 from USA
Model: Origami ball & Origami Polygon!!


You can see Leo displaying it here

“This is Leo Wiley’s submission of The Original Flasher Hat designed by Jeremy Shafer.”
Leo from USA
Model: Original Flasher Hat by Jeremy Shafer


Rheia from Washington, USA
Model: Star spinners and zigzag spinners


“Drawers and a bag”
Apollo from Washington, USA
Model: Drawers

Teen’s division (Age 13-19)


“This was made from 1.9 x 1.9 cm paper. It’s the smallest dodecahedron I’ve made so far. The variation of this follows the original patter but at the very end, I folded the flap backwards, creating a cool pattern. The hardest part of this was putting it together. At the very end I had to be very careful putting the tabs into the pockets without disturbing the other units.”

Model: 90 unit Origami Dodecahedron by Mitsunobu Sonobe/Toshie Takahama

“These were made from 2.5 x 5 cm origami paper.”

Lynne from United States
Model: Origami Icosahedron

“A few little trinkets I made and their protective mother watching in the back.”

Azali from United States
Model: Spikey Thing, Swirly Thing, and Intertwined Thing(s)

“I was inspired by Tomoko Fuse’s “Rose”. But I turned it into this.”

Dylan from Seattle, Washington, USA
Model: Lotus Tessellation by Dylan Terasaki



Leo from Washington, United States
Model: Greater Kudu by Shuki Kato

“From left to right. the pokemon Jolteon, Eevee, Flareon”

Spencer from Hawaii, United States
Model: Jolteon, Eevee, Flareon by Henry Origami

“I love making these, I have since I was young :)”

Tela from Hawaii, United States
Model: butterflies

“This piece shows how COVID-19 has been affecting people around the world. The ball in the background represents a COVID-19 bacteria. The origami person is mourning the loss of the other origami person. The white is used to show life while the black represents death and sickness.”

Malina from Hawaii, United States
Model: COVID-19: The Silent Killer by Malina Chiddo 

“This 12 piece origami highlights the theme of unity in diversity. There are many patterns that appear in this origami, but in the end, they are all connected, creating a beautiful and harmonious bond of origami paper.”
Mei from Hawaii, United States
Model: 12 Unit Sonobe Kusadama by Mitsunobe Sonobe


Model: Narcissus by Marcio Noguchi [Origami Master Class Flowers]

Model: Ornamental Omega 5 by Meenakshi Mukerji [Exquisite Modular Origami 2]

Model: Este Sonobe by Maria Sinayskaya  [Zen Origami]

Model: Dimpled Model With Flowers by Meenakshi Mukerji [Exquisite Modular Origami]

Model: Daissy Chains Tessellation by Eric Gjerde [Origami Tessellations: Awe-Inspiring Geometic Designs]

Adult division (20 years old and up)


“Folded with 90x90cm Wenzhou Rice paper. No cuts”
OrigamiByBoice from Oregon, USA
Two Headed Dragon designed by OrigamiByBoice


“Versailles is a kusudama that uses the curl method to connect each rose petal to another, then combines 12 roses to complete the full ball. 60 pieces total, using 3″ square Astrobright paper.”

Versailles by Krystyna Burczyk

“Daisy is a tab and pocket kusudama, no glue is needed. Made using 7.5 sheets of two-sided paper (Chiyogami Patterns, Tuttle Publishing), cut into 3″ squares.”

Daisy by Sansansee Termtanasombat

Denise from Washington, USA


Star Wars designer unknown

Petit from Waghington, USA


ジャイアントパンダの親子 by Muneji Fuchimoto

パンダらぶ from USA

“for my friend who rescued two kitty cats!”

Kitty cats by Tazukuri Original & Origami Ako

Yoko from USA



Electra by David Mitchell

Dave from Washington, USA

”The Waning Crescent Moon”

Ruby from Washington, United States

Model: The Moon by Decadent Origamist


“I made Super Mario by about 60 origami pixels!”

Pixel Mario by Jo Nakashima

Kaho from Washington, United States
Model: grandma’s spinning tops and a box (駒と箱)