2020 Japan Trivia Contest クイズ大会

Participants will use their smartphones to answer questions related to Japan. There will be prizes for the winner. (Grand Prize: a game console, Second Place: Gift card) In order to participate, please install the free Kahoot app on your smartphone from the below link.


If you would like to prepare yourself for the quiz show, questions are uploaded every Friday on the Japan Week Facebook page: http://bit.ly/FacebookJW2019. Please be sure to check it out. [Sponsored by Seattle IT Japanese Professionals]

Date/Time: Sept. 28 (Sat), 3:15pm – 3:45pm
Location: Bellevue College, Bldg. C Cafeteria Stage 

Seattle IT Japanese Professionals による「日本クイズ大会」。参加者は前もって下記のリンクよりスマホに無料アプリ『Kahoot!』をインストールしてご参加ください。優勝者に賞品あり(1位はミニファミコン、2位はギフトカード)。