2021 Cosplay Contest





from the Philippines


from Texas, United States


from Washington, United States


Listed in order of submission

“This is my cosplay of Dimitri from the video game Fire Emblem: Three Houses. This is the most difficult cosplay I have constructed to date, featuring a full suit of armor fitted with electronics and a full-size lance prop. The mantle is completely hand-sewn using seven different varieties of faux fur for texture and visual interest.”

Yu from Washington, USA
Twitter: @Yutopirika

“Hi I’m Michael J Love here is my cosplay of Sam from trick or treat movie homemade costume I’m on TikTok and YouTube and Facebook I have autism and always had a dream of making a great cosplay”

Michael from USA             TikTok: @krytptonhalloween85

“My cosplay is Cav from Rainbow Six siege”

McKayla from Illinois, USA               Instagram: @Crzycat13



Vaune from Philippines
Facebook: Black Void Society

Sougo Okita
Sougo Okita
Yuno Gasai
Yuno Gasai

Duong from WA, USA               https://worldcosplay.net/member/Ryouga

“Character is Bucky from Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This costume is entirely handmade, from the jacket that was hand drafted to the arm sculpted from worbla to the screws, that were resin casted. I tried to make this costume as screen accurate as possible, down to the exact fabric they used in production. I spent 6 months and 1,300 hours constructing this costume. There are six props total, plus the Captain America shield. “

Grey from Michigan, USA

“Demon Slayer: Tanjiro Kamado”

Jasmine from New York, United States

Instagram: @TheCuteNerdCosplay

“Macrophage from “”Cells at work”” I made my costume, from fabric choosing, draping, to final fitting. Here’s my Instagram link with sewing WIP: link1, link2, link3

Lemonjolly from Washington, USA
Instagram: @lemonjolly

“Outfit: Sailor Moon School Uniform
Character: You Watanabe
Series: Sailor Moon, Love Live Sunshine! Crossover
Wig: ProCosplay
Shirt: From Hobby Lobby, Altered by Aquatic Cosplays
Bow: Made by Aquatic Cosplays
Collar: Made by Aquatic Cosplays
Skirt: Made by Aquatic Cosplays
Photos: Tsukimi Photography “

Aquatic Cosplays from Louisiana, USA
Instagram: @theocarinagirl, photographer @Tsukimiphotography
TikTok: @theocarinagirl


“Everyone’s favorite mischievous fox from the fuedal era makes his appearance, ready to play his silly pranks!”

MikoMiko Cosplay from Texas, USA
Twitter @ MikoMikoCosplay
Instagram @ MikoMikoCosplay

“Cc – Code Geass
Suit and shoes made by StarFall cosplay”

Tilly Cosplay from West Virginia, USA
Instagram @ Starfall.cos

“Nejire Hado (My Hero Academia)”

Koi from Illinois, USA
TikTok @kookykoi_kos

“My cosplay is Jolteon from Pokemon. This is an original design comprised of a fleece hooded jacket, matching leggings, a styled wig and shoes. The jacket is fully lined and features Jolteon ears, hidden zipper pockets and a tulle petticoat in the back to make the spikes poof out. My leggings are made from matching 4-way stretch spandex and have trims that match the jacket. My shoes are were a thrift find for $3 that I custom painted and I crafted a Master Ball decal for the sides of both shoes to keep with Pokemon aesthetic. I made this cosplay during the pandemic so I would have a comfy cosplay to wear when I am ready to return to conventions. I love this cosplay because Jolteon is my favorite Eevee evolution and the color yellow makes me really happy! The entire cosplay was designed and crafted by me from scratch!”

Red Leaf Cosplay from Portland, OR, USA
Instagram @redleafcosplay, Facebook: Red Leaf Cosplay

“I’m cosplaying as calne ca from bacterial contamination!!”

Riley from Washington, USA
Instagram @bubblymiku, Twitter @bubblymiku, TikTok @vampireculture 

“These pictures were taken at Otakon.”

Alaisa from Virginia, USA
Instagram @asadreams, Twitter @asa_dreamss, Twitch @asadreams


“Out in the wilds of ancient Japan, demons lurk in the shadows. Inosuke patrols the forest, keeping the people of the countryside safe from harm!

Character: Inosuke Hashibara
Anime: Demon Slayer”

Christopher from Washington, USA
Instagram @badsheepcosplay
Facebook Bad Sheep Cosplay

“Toji Fushiguro from Jujutsu Kaisen manga”

Emma from USA

“Godzilla Cosplay (Based on the design from GODZILLA FINAL WARS)”

Jose from California, United States
Instagram @genericcosplay_
Twitter @GenericCosplay_

“Violet from Violet Evergarden. My first Cosplay :)”

Agatha from Washington, United States


Mia from KAILUA-KONA, Hawaii

Instagram @bbecmqyu

“your INOSUKE AND ZENITSU are here <3”

Kimiko from Hawaii, United States
Instagram @k.i.m.c.h.e.e.e