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Chronicle of Higher Education now Available Online from the BC Library

The library provides a campus license to the online version of The Chronicle of Higher Education. Whenever you are on campus and using the college’s Internet or Wi-Fi, you will have full access to all of The Chronicle’s content.

If you are off-campus, you need to utilize a special link to access the campus license. That link is:

When accessing the link from off-campus, you will be asked to authenticate with your NETID and password before accessing the premium content. The link to The Chronicle and all of the library’s other subscription resources, can be found on our databases list.

If you have any questions regarding the subscription, please contact the librarians at or extension 6161.


Deducting Educational Expenses for TELOS Courses

See the Lifelong Learning section of the following publication (Chapter 3, pp. 21 to 29)  to see if you are eligible to deduct TELOS expenses on your taxes.

IRS Publication 970 2016   

Taking Regular Bellevue College classes for $5
Space-available waivers     Senior citizens, credit and audit

Students 60-years or older eligible for this waiver pay $5 per course for tuition and all standard and class fees. Students who are not continuing students must also submit an admissions application and pay the admissions application fee. In order to register with this waiver students must wait until 8 am on the designated day (last business day prior to the start of the quarter) to register. Contact Enrollment Services after registration to request that the waiver be applied to your class schedule. Registration with this waiver is limited to classes with space available. Students are limited to two classes per quarter with this waiver. Please see Bellevue College Policies and Procedures for

2400P Tuition and Fee Waivers (Procedures)

instructions or the legislation for the rules governing eligibility for this waiver

Emergency Preparedness — tips from the TSO presentation on December 11th.
2015.Ways to Survive_Bellevue College_12-11-15


Getting a BC e-mail account

There are many free or low-cost services available to those who enroll in Bellevue College Continuing Ed classes such as TELOS.  Many require that you use your BC e-mail account.  To obtain a BC e-mail account,  go to:


Free services for BC students, including BC Continuing Ed students. ( Note item 8 showing how to get Microsoft Office at home for free with Office 365.)

Use of Materials from the BC Library and Media Center

Use of the BC Library and Media Center is a benefit of being a TELOS student!  To reserve a video camera and tripod, call ahead and talk to Gordon Hom but anyone in LMC can probably help.


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Students may apply for reasonable accommodations at any time through the Disability Resource Center (DRC). Application within 4-6 weeks prior to the start of courses will help facilitate the timely approval and coordination of accommodations. For more information about disability services, visit the DRC website at or call 425-564-2498.


Printing Copies at the King County Library

Those with a King Country Library card may print at no cost up to 75 copies each week. See link for requirements.

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