Clubs and Social Activities

Clubs & Social Activities

Clubs:   See the TSO Calendar for the meeting dates and times for the clubs.

Screenshot (51)Book Club: There is a long standing book club which meets monthly. An organizational meeting is held in September where members select the books to be read and discussed during the upcoming year. Meeting dates and current month’s selections can be found on the Calendar. Monthly selections for 2019-2020 are available here. Past year’s Book Club selections are available here: 2018-192017-182016-172012-16.


Screenshot (140)Movie Club: The movie club was formed in July 2015. It meets the fourth Friday of each month. Members discuss movies and media. Go see any/all/none of the suggested movies, or other media on your own time and come to talk.

ConstitutionConstitution Club: The Constitution Club was formed in March of 2017. It meets monthly on the second and fourth Friday of the month at 9:30. Under the guidance of an attorney familiar with the Constitution, members will discuss current events as they relate to constitutional issues. Check Calendar for location of the meeting.

Memoir Club: The Memoir Club was formed in 2017. Memoir Club will meet to write, read, and discuss memoirs. See the TSO Calendar (link above) for date, time and room.

Politics Book Club: The Politics Book Club was formed in 2017. See the TSO calendar (link above) for date, time and room.


Social Activities:

Summer Bi-annual General Meeting with Lunch:
A bi-annual general membership meeting, held each year in August. An opportunity to be updated from the TSO council, and the committees and clubs, and to socialize with your community.

Holiday Bi-annual General Meeting with Lunch:
TSO brings students together to update them from the TSO council, and again to socialize with their community. TSO strives to bring together both students and faculty at these meetings.

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