Council and Committees

TSO Council & Committees

The TELOS Student Organization (TSO) is comprised of a council with up to eleven members which includes the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and up to seven members-at-large. In addition there are a number of committees including standing committees, and special committees that are set up for special needs as needed.

See the TSO Calendar for meeting times and room. All TELOS students are invited to attend. You can also Contact Us to have a message forwarded to the council or a committee chairperson.

The Council

The officers and members of the 2020-2021 TSO council:

  • President – Ted Watts
  • Vice President – Charles Kimbrough
  • Secretary – Alexa Munoz
  • Treasurer – Jan Reha
  • Members-at-Large – Marcia Chase, Gerald Harkleroad, Tim Hay, Diane Kester, Georgann Lennon, Paul Maffeo, Ray Mathis
For more information, see TSO Council Members in Previous Years.

The Curriculum Committee
Chairperson: Donna Oberembt

Members of the Curriculum Committee organize educational TSO Events, which includes identifying, contacting, and scheduling speakers for between-quarters events. They encourage experts to submit courses to teach for TELOS, and may assist the TELOS office in reviewing courses for interest-level. They may also assist instructors by recruiting class hosts and providing any additional assistance that instructors may need.

The Events Committee
Chairperson: Steve Denison

Members of the Events Committee determine which social events will be held, and implement those events through coordination with the BCCE administration and the facility where the event will be held. In addition, the members support the TELOS Clubs. See the Clubs and Social Activities page for more information. Other projects include conducting the annual election, and other events as identified.

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