Contact Us

Contact Us

To contact the TSO (TELOS Student Organization), send email to:

Send a message:
1) to be added to or removed from the TSO email distribution list (see footnote* and FAQ),
2) to reserve for TSO events, or to cancel (provide event name, plus first and last names of attendees),
3) to volunteer for committees,
4) to ask questions,
5) and to provide feedback.
You should get a reply within 48 hours.

To minimize the likelihood of not seeing our messages, you can do the following:

  • Create a contact in your email for our email address above (with a name such as “TSO Bellevue”). Additionally, sending an email to us from your subscribed address may help by automatically adding a contact. Thus, if you subscribe by email rather than by paper form, and if you send an email from your subscribed address rather than only talking to someone about not seeing our announcements, that will likely help.
  • Never mark as spam any message from us. Marking something as spam is not a mechanism for voting or showing disinterest in a specific topic. If you mark as spam any of our messages, our emailing system is required to automatically unsubscribe you and stop sending you any message from us, to preserve our ability to send out emails. So you will not receive any future announcements from us. Instead, you can unsubscribe by writing to us, or by using the link at the bottom of a message, and then you can re-subscribe later if you wish.
  • Check your Spam/Junk label or folder frequently. If you see any of our messages there, select the message and click “Not Spam/Junk”. (This is not the same as Trash or Deleted Items.)
  • Check your Trash or Deleted Items folder. (This is not the same as Spam or Junk.)
  • Add as a safe sender our email address given above, using settings provided by your email provider. (Here’s an example article, on an external website not affiliated or endorsed by TSO, about how to safelist an email address.)

* If you want to be added to the TSO email distribution list, please send us a message from the email address you want to add, and include your first and last name. The TSO email distribution list is used for announcements about free TSO events/talks, invitations to gatherings such as the bi-annual meeting with lunch, information about other learning and social activities, TELOS courses registration reminders, etc. Also see our FAQ. (The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, FERPA, dictates that the TSO may not use your email address without your permission.)

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