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TELOS Registration Q & A

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Is it possible to withdraw from a TELOS class online?
You cannot withdraw from a TELOS class online. You need to contact the BCCE TELOS Program.

What happens if BCCE (Bellevue College Continuing Education) cancels a class?
If BCCE TELOS Program cancels the class, you will receive a full 100% refund with no processing charge.

Can I attend the first session of a class to see if I want to enroll?
Only students registered for a class may attend.

Is there any advantage to registering early?
If you want to have the best selection of courses, register as early as you can.  Some of the more popular courses fill up quickly. And, if you wait too long to register, some very interesting classes may have been cancelled due to low enrollment.  Cancellation of classes with low enrollment generally occurs about a week before the start of classes.

Are there any other advantages to early registration?
The earlier you can register, the more helpful it is to the instructor. Many instructors spend hours and hours preparing materials for their classes.  To have the class cancelled at the last minute means considerable effort is wasted, and waiting to register during the last week results in an additional $10 fee.

Why would some classes have low enrollment?
Low enrollment in a class may result from a number of factors such as the time of day, competition with other popular classes, a new instructor who is not yet known, etc. Low enrollment does not mean the class will not be worthwhile.

If I choose to be waitlisted, do I have to pay for the class?
No, you do not pay until you clear the waitlist.

If I am notified that I have cleared the waitlist, am I automatically enrolled in the class?
No, you must actually enroll in the class just as you would if you were selecting the class originally.

Is it possible to enroll in another class that meets at the same time as one for which you are waitlisted?
Yes, you may enroll for another class at the same time as the one for which you are waitlisted.  If you clear the waiting list, then you can just withdraw from the other class you chose.

If you clear the waitlist, do you have to pay a penalty to withdraw from the other class when you switch to the one for which you were waitlisted?
If you succeed in clearing the waitlist, you do not have to pay the withdrawal penalty if you switch to the class for which you had been waitlisted.

If I decide to withdraw from a class, will I get a full refund?
If you decide to withdraw from a class, you will receive a full refund (minus a $10 processing fee) if you withdraw at least three working days (often up to seven days if weekends and holidays are involved) before the class start date. No refunds are made after that date, i.e. there are no partial refunds.

How can I tell the number of seats still available in a class (that is not full and hence does not have a waitlist)?
If you would like to find out how many seats are left in courses you are considering, go to the course of interest and look at the registration box. If the registration box says “Add to cart” you can check to see how many spaces are remaining in the class by “left clicking” on your mouse to the right of the “Add to cart” instruction.

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