Bellevue College Continuing Education offers the BCCE TELOS Program of courses designed to fit the interests of retirees. (Everyone, whether a retiree or not, is welcome and encouraged to take the courses.)

The TELOS program has operated since 1976. See the TELOS History page for some interesting historical information.

Classes:  TELOS presents a broad range of classes to meet a wide variety of interests. Some of the most popular categories include topics on Arts, Creative Writing, Current Events, Geology, Health and Well-Being, History, Literature, Psychology, Philosophy, Religion, Science and Technology. Classes are small and informal, ranging in size from eight to 39. Most average between 15 and 20 students. At TELOS the emphasis is on education and growth, not measuring performance. There are no entrance requirements, grades or tests.

Students: Most TELOS students are retirees. They have come from a wide seniors at TELOSvariety of backgrounds and share a common desire to expand their knowledge, find fresh avenues of growth and establish new friendships by forming a community of individuals with common interests. There are no age requirements to register for TELOS classes. Faculty and students interact as peers, making learning a creative exchange of ideas. Many students form lasting friendships.

Schedule:  Classes are generally 1.5 or 2 hours long and meet once a week Monday through Friday, usually starting at 10 a.m., noon and 2 p.m. Most Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter classes are eight weeks in duration, but some are shorter. There is also a Summer program which typically has fewer offerings.

Instructors:  Classes are taught by women and men who have expertise in their subject matter and excellent teaching skills. Many are active or retired faculty from colleges and universities. Others are professionals with accomplishments in many fields. All share a keen interest in contributing to the mental, physical and spiritual fulfillment of older adults.

With as many as 70 courses offered each quarter and over 1000 students participating in TELOS, this program is bound to offer a course and community that is right for you!

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