Donations may be made to both the TELOS Program and to the TELOS Student Organization (TSO).

TELOS Program

The TELOS staff tries to manage the budget wisely in order to keep tuition costs as low as possible while maintaining the quality of the program. Regular expenses include salaries, office supplies, copying, printing, office space and administrative support.

Donors are a critical link in providing the funds needed for the TELOS program.

The Bellevue College Foundation is a non-profit, 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible and can be made in memory of a friend or loved one.

Donations can be made:

For further information, please contact the TELOS Office. Click here for Office information.

TELOS Student Organization (TSO)

In order to support various activities and events, the TSO also needs donations.

Donations can be made by cash or check at the North Campus Front Desk. Ask the Customer Service Specialist for the Donation Deposit Request form. Enter your name and telephone number. The Specialist will enter the appropriate account name and number and your donation will be credited to the TSO.

Note: Donations to the TSO are not tax deductible.

Sample Deposit Request

Sample Deposit Request

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