Sandi Medendorp continued

Continued — Sandi Medendorp

TELOS classes are held at a wonderful location, accessible from any direction. Parking is readily available with huge overflow lots at nearby hotels. The building is specifically designed for classes and study groups. Lately, my favorite groups are the book club and the movie club. They inspire me to read new books and stay current on the latest screen smash hits. Seminars as one-time events (like the “Coffee & Wisdom” series) have informed me so personally and vividly on subjects like how to investigate a murder (from an actual case) and what are the real concerns about driverless cars, and A reflection on aging—Part 2: Villages. Attending these seminars, I feel comfortable in a group of folks with open minds and lots of questions. The result is that I dig into subjects that I would not have otherwise investigated. But the most rewarding aspect of TELOS is coming together with people in TSO (the TELOS Student Organization). We are all finding satisfaction in sharing passions and volunteering our important life skills to make this organization succeed. I have found community, fellowship and spirit at TELOS, healthy food for both the brain and body. Here, retirement is to be enjoyed not feared.


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