Bill Greaver continued

Continued —  Bill Greaver

Not just anyone would enjoy TELOS– only those with a thirst for knowledge. To listen to the conversations of my fellow students with their varied and learned paths through life is well worth being in their presence. TELOS has provided extensive opportunities both in class and outside it to get to know people through having conversations with them.  I started TELOS to test whether my thoughts and attitudes were as out of the norm as I believed them to be.  I have been rewarded in learning that I do think much differently than the vast majority of TELOS students.  But at TELOS, we can discuss our differences.  There may be tensions in our talks, but civility has always prevailed.  There are many TELOSians I can put my arm around and say, with no hesitation, “I am so happy to see you today.”

In addition to TELOS classes, there are many other lectures and events sponsored by TSO (TELOS Student Organization).  I felt honored to attend the End of Life presentation at the May “Coffee & Wisdom” session. In truth this should be a required seminar for all TELOS students. I personally lived through an End of Life occasion with a dearest friend. If we had not had all the family in total concert we could not have been able to say our goodbyes and be prepared to fulfill the wishes of our cherished loved one. I found it interesting to observe the attendees as they took in the information that was so professionally and sensitively presented on this inescapable situation we will all face. I trust all who attended took away as much as I did. This again proved the importance of the TELOS program.

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