May 4, 2017 Meeting Minutes

ASBC Board of Directors Minutes

Date | Time: 5/4/2017 1:30 PM Meeting Called By: ASG President

Board Members Voting Members Present: 9/9 at 1:31 PM

ASG President Sammy Akeyo Present (Chair) ASG VP of Finance & Communications Amber Castaneda Present ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism Abner Pagunuran Present ASG Chief Justice Michael Cha Present ASG Marketing & Public Relations Representative Mei-Ching Wu Present ASG Campus Life and Events Representative Jordan Domonique Allen Present ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Representative Connor Sinnott Present ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative Joedy Morrow Present ASG External Legislative Representative Jahkari Aujla-Singh Present


Matthew Rish Student, Accounting Student Association Hibah Javed Treasurer, Arabic Culture Student Association Sohie Ossono President, ACSA Abby Lynn Campus Activities Coordinator Shane Cornfield BCG Member Andrew Wilking Student


1. Commencement

Chair Sammy Akeyo calls the BOD session to order at 1:31 P.M.

2. Introductions

Introductions are made right to left (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests.

3. Approval of the Agenda

Motion to APPROVE the Meeting Agenda: Abner Pagunuran.

Motion Passes, Unanimously.

4. Approval of the Meeting Minutes Motion to APPROVE the Meeting Minutes of April 27, 2017 with the stipulation of the amendment written on the paper: Jahkari Aujla-Singh. Motion Passes, Unanimously.

5. ASG President Update Parking Citation Title IX ITS Sustainability Contract Spring BBQ Power of One Conference

Discussion of bylaw from the last year: The Funding Request above $1,500 will go to ASG board, otherwise to CAB.

6. ASG VP of Campus Life and Pluralism Update Bill Update

7. Budget Report Budget Number 1903 (Cultural) is under water but can be funded from 1910 with a balance combined of $2,453. Budget Number 1910 balance is $55,000.

8. Funding Request- Pacific NW Endovasclar Conference (PNEC), No DUTECH club member can present, Amber Castaneda speaks for DUTECH. Pacific NW Endovasclar Conference is a endovascular education and training in the Northwest region, it will be hosted in Seattle on May 25. 13 students attend. Motion to APPROVE $645 for Pacific NW Endovasclar Conference Meeting 1984: Abner Pagunuran. Motion Passes, 7:0:1.

9. Funding Request- Tickling Giants Screening for Arabic Heritage & Culture Week Hibah Javed, Sohie Ossono Arabic Heritage & Culture Week will be hosted from May 29th to June 1st. There will be film, dance and market etc. Motion to TABLE the Tickling Giants Screening due to the lack of the project plan: Jahkari Aujla-Singh.

Motion Passes, 8:0:0.

10. Funding Request- Accounting Student Association End of Year Celebration Event Matthew Rish It is the 1st year that 200 Accounting Students graduate from BC Accounting Bachelor Degree in June. It includes panel discussion, networking and dinner. Motion to APPROVE the Accounting Student Association End of Year Celebration Event for $2,650 from Budget Number 1984: Connor Sinnott. Motion Passes, 7:0:1.

11. Executive Reports No presentation.

12. Representative Reports No presentation.

13. Announcement

No Presentation.

14. Public Comments No presentation.

15. Adjournment

Motion to ADJOURN the BOD at 2:06PM, Abner Pagunuran. Motion Passes, Unanimously.

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