What is ASG Funding?

ASG Funding refers to financial support provided by the Associated Student Government (ASG) to members of the Bellevue College community who organize co-curricular and extracurricular experiences for BC students. These funds, known as Services & Activities (S&A) funds, are available for one-off events or initiatives during the academic year. To request ASG funding, groups can apply to the ASG Board of Directors (ASG BOD). ASG receives S&A funds allocated by the S&A Committee for such funding opportunities. The ASG BOD follows the same guidelines as the S&A Committee when considering funding requests. For more details, please refer to the ASG Financial Code (PDF).

Who can apply?

All clubs and programs are welcome to apply for funding through the ASG funding process, provided their request aligns with the established guidelines and serves the purpose approved by the S&A Committee. Eligibility is determined based on the nature of the activities, relevant RCWs, Killian Guidelines, and S&A Fee Use Compliance and Guidance Document. It’s essential to note that submitting a funding request does not guarantee funding approval.

How to Apply

To apply for ASG funding, groups must submit written funding requests to the ASG Treasurer at least 72 hours before the ASG Board of Directors meeting to be considered for the next meeting agenda. During the review, the ASG Board assesses eligibility based on the aforementioned guidelines and may decide, by a simple majority vote, whether to allocate funds to specific groups or activities.

Before completing a Funding Request, you must submit a completed Project Plan for your event/project. If you have not yet completed a Project Plan, visit the Student Programs website and complete one online.

After you obtain your Advisor’s approval on the form and receive a confirmation from Student Engagement you are elegible to fill out the funding request form bellow and email a copy to asgtreasurer@bellevuecollege.edu.

Contact Information

For inquiries, input, ideas, comments, questions, or concerns, please feel free to reach out to ASG Lead Advisor, Amy McCrory, at amy.mccrory@bellevuecollege.edu. Your feedback is essential, and we are here to assist you throughout the funding process!