Election Committee

Election Meeting Minutes


The Election Committee is responsible for the following:

• Verifying the eligibility of candidates and ratifying the candidate pool.

• Determine if a candidate has violated any rules or procedures.

• Issuing official warnings and/or disqualifications to candidates whom violate campaign & election rules.

• Issue cease-and-desist requesting to stop a campaign from continuing a specific behavior, act, or practice. Failure to adhere to a cease-and-desist request may result in the disqualification of a candidate.

• Hear appeals flied against the election process and make a final decision.

• Declare which candidate has been elected for each ASG Executive position.


The Election Committee shall be composed of:

(I) The Dean of Student Life (Chairperson) or designee

(II) One BC college staff or faculty

(III) ASG President or designee

(IV) Two ASG officers or students-at-large.

The 2022-2023 Election Committee

The Dean of Student Life (Chairperson) – Michael Kaptik


BC staff – Becca Marion


ASG President – Theint Thu


Two students-at-large – YeeSan Lim & Ruth Quarshie