Aug. 24, 2016 Meeting Minutes

ASBC Board of Directors Minutes

Date | Time: 8/24/2016 4:00 AM                                 Meeting Called By: ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism

Board Members                                                                                         Voting Members Present: 5/9 at 4:02pm



ASG President


Sammy Akeyo


Absent (Excused)

ASG VP of Finance & Communications Evan Bowman Present
ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism (Chair) Abner Pagunuran Present
ASG Chief Justice Trygve Vandal Absent (Excused)
ASG Marketing & Public Relations Mei-Ching Wu Present
ASG Campus Life and Events Dasha Tugan Present
ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Robert Stewart Present
ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Marianne Albay Absent (Excused)
ASG External Legislative Eric Pattison Absent (Excused)


Emmanuel Tshimanga                        Coordinator, Pal Center (ASG President’s Proxy)


  1. Commencement

Chair Abner Pagunuran calls the meeting to order at 4:02 pm.

  1. Introductions

Introductions are made right to left (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests

3.     Business Session

No business session items to be discussed.

  1. Meeting Minutes


  1. Motion to table the approval for meeting minute for August 10, 2016 because of the format issue until next BOD on August 31, 2016:

Motion Seconded: Tugan. Motion passes 5-0-0.

  1. Motion to approve the meeting minute for August 17, 2016: Bowman. Motion Seconded:

Motion passes 5-0-0.

  1. Motion to approve the special session BOD meeting minute for August 19, 2019: Bowman. Motion Seconded:

Motion passes 5-0-0.

  1. Officer Reports
    1. Evan Bowman- ASG VP of Finance & Communications
      1. Working with Veronica from UW about Sustainability issues
      2. WSA board retreat
  • Letter to President about Students on miring
  1. Robert Stewart- ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial
    1. Emails with Tess about the ASG website
    2. Research into WordPress, php, mysql and the possibilities of customizing the ASG
  • Working on putting together a demo of the ASG website
  1. Dasha Tugan- ASG Campus Life & Events
    1. Club Caucus
    2. Filled out a project plan and funding request for club caucus
  • Worked on Welcome Week committee
  1. Worked on Home Coming Week
  1. Mei-Ching Wu- ASG Marketing and Public Relations
    1. Meeting Minutes
    2. Outreach to Watchdog, Alenda
  • Attend the meeting for Home Coming Week
  1. Research on free giveaways
  1. Abner Pagunuran- ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism
    1. Attend the WSA board retreat
    2. Abner also reads the following officer reports from his receiving emails.
  2. Trygve Vandal- ASG Chief Justice
    1. Talked with Russ Bear on the Student Tech fee contract and studied their newly released budgets of campus wide technology
    2. Started working more heavily with SESF members to get input on the SESF Contract. I am hoping to use the time set to go over the STF contract with the Assistant Attorney General for legal counsel to also clear up any questions relating to the SESF contact at the same
  • Worked with public safety and Amber from the office of sustainability gathering data regarding total parking available to students and staff as well as other transportation patterns such as using the bus. Potential a new project to come from this with the intent to assist with student transportation needs and assess parking at Bellevue
  1. Talked to Tommy Vu from public safety regarding some Cleary Act violation and crime log resulting in working on a development of report outlining these inefficiencies in
  2. Handling all club charting and assisting in hiring the CAB member who would take over this
  3. Working with risk management committee. All proposed travel was approved, although the proposed bike rental program (funded by the SESF) hit a few roadblocks but it looks like they are just temporary


  • Finally, FMSQuery is now up and I have been spending some time on it getting caught up on budgets and looking for
  1. Marianne Albay- ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility
    1. Working on the project plan for the AASHE conference and completing more tasks for
  2. Sam Akeyo- ASG President
    1. WSA board retreat at Eastern Washington University
    2. Proposal to the Cabinet- Pluralism training
  • Welcome Week committee
  1. Homecoming Week Committee
  2. Urban Artworks mural proposal
  3. College Assembly
  1. Advisor Report Faisal is
  2. Announcements
    1. Tugan clarifies the process of funding request and the number of current budget. Pagunuran answers once submitting to front desk and get the stamp, and ASG VP of Finance & Communications will receive it. In order to be included in the BOD meeting for that week, the funding request has to be submitted by Monday at 5 M.
    2. Bowman says in the beginning of this, he should announce how much is in the budget, but unfortunately there is no accurate budget number Hopefully he can get it in the next week.
    3. Bowman says in the Welcome Week committee Nora wants to brainstorm the ideas for the Welcome Week in the cafeteria. C120 will be the club hub. She wants ASG can come up with some events and ASG can also pay for It will show supports for the clubs. We will talk about it in the next meeting.
    4. Pagunuran says that Nora would like ASG to consider funding the erasable highlighters for Welcome
  3. Public Comments

No Public Comments.

  1. Adjournment

No further business items. Meeting Adjourned by Chair at 4:16 pm. Motion to adjourn: Stewart.

Motion Seconded: Bowman. Motion passes 5-0-0.