Aug 31, 2016 Meeting Minutes

ASBC Board of Directors Minutes

Date | Time: 8/31/2016 4:00 AM                                                                   Meeting Called By: ASG President

Board Members                                 Voting Members Present: 9/9 at 4:05pm



ASG President (Chair)


Sammy Akeyo



ASG VP of Finance & Communications Evan Bowman Present
ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism Abner Pagunuran Present
ASG Chief Justice Trygve Vandal Present
ASG Marketing & Public Relations Mei-Ching Wu Present
ASG Campus Life and Events Dasha Tugan Present
ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Robert Stewart Present
ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Marianne Albay Present
ASG External Legislative Eric Pattison Present



Vanno Kong                                         APISA coordinator Vanessa Campos

Destin Albay

Max Braseth                                        OSLA Policy Coordinator


  1. Commencement

Chair Sam Akeyo calls the meeting to order at 4:05 pm.

  1. Introductions

Introductions are made right to left (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests

  1. Minutes Review

Motion to approve the meeting minutes of August 10, 2016: Evan Bowman,


Motion Seconded: Trygve Vandal Motion Passes 8-0-0

Motion to approve the meeting minutes of August 24, 2016: Dasha Tugan

Motion Seconded: Evan Bowman Motion Passes 7-0-1

  1. Officer Reports

Abner Pagunuran, VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism

  1. Prepping for Sayumi’s Retreat
  2. Setting time to meet with Alice

Trygve Vandal, ASG Chief Justice

  1. Club charter
  2. STF contract and ITS budget
  3. BC Governance – Accela
  4. Transportation data- Rrew /Bus Pass
  5. Cleary/Student Safety
  6. Acella training for governance

Evan Bowman, VP of Finance and communications

  1. Updating budget numbers
  2. Working on student letter about hiring committees

Dasha Tugan, Campus Life and Events Representative

  1. Funding Request Club Caucus
  2. Welcome Week Planning Committee
  3. Contacting Clubs for fall quarter

Eric Pattison, External Legislative Representative

  1. Prepping policy arguments, both for B against SB’s and other endorsements
  2. Disability transition service- Productive meet on Aug. 30, 2016, next meeting on September 30 from 10am to 2pm @ location to be
  3. Voter Registration continues; student success council,

Mei-Ching Wu, Marketing and Public Relations Representative

  1. Making the giveaways done
  2. Contacting and meeting with marketing dept. Alonda
  3. Tom gave suggestions on Meeting minutes
  4. Filming Sam’s extra credit video

Marianne Albay, Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative

  1. AASHE conference advertising/planning competition for food pantry donations.

Sam Akeyo, ASG President

  1. ASG Strategic plan
  2. Board of Trustee materials
  3. Homecoming Week
  4. TED talk
  5. WSA

Robert Stewart, ASG Emerging Technology and Entrepreneurism representative

  1. Putting together proposals for- events here at
  2. Working with Keven Kharram, CS Club President, about funding a Hackathon here at BC and finding sponsorship for
  3. Getting ready to go to PAX to look for possible tech leaders to come speak at
  4. Working on website with Tess. Advisor Faisal came in at 4:10 M.
  5. Advisor Report


Faisal Jaswal

  1. Students get involved in the hire committee of program specialist, Events/Clubs specialist and outreach
  2. Connection with new
  3. CUSP leadership
  4. Opening
  1. Funding Request

Vanno Kong, APISA coordinator

APAHE Asian Pacific American in Higher Education to enhance, support and understand the problem and issues facing Asian American in higher learning. It also promotes the continued success and advancement of Asian American. The dates are not finalize but we are look at the first week of April in 2017. 8 students and 1 advisors, costs $16,850.00.

Motion to table the funding request of APAHE due to information needed: Dasha Tugan.

Motion Seconded: Eric Pattison. Motion Passes.

Dasha Tugan, Campus Life and Events Representative

Holding Club Caucus which is bylaw, and to provide the snacks like Tea, Coffee and Biscotti. Motion to approve the funding request of Club Caucus for $170 with budget code 1910: Evan Bowman. Motion Seconded: Abner Pagunuran.

Motion Passes 6-0-1.


Motion to amend to have Marketing and Public Relations Representative as next agenda: Trygve Vandal.

Motion Seconded: Evan Bowman. Motion Passes 8-0-0.

Mei-Ching Wu, Marketing and Public Relations Representative

Giveaways for Welcome Week: 150 towels and 150 notebooks for $1,000.

Motion to approve extend the meeting time for 5 minutes: Trygve Vandal.

Motion Seconded: Evan Bowman. Motion Passes 8-0-0.


Motion to approve the funding request from Mei-Ching Wu with budget code 1984: Evan Bowman.

Motion Seconded: Dasha Tugan. Motion Passes 7-0-1.

  1. Announcements No
  2. Adjournment

No further business items. Meeting Adjourned by Chair.