Jan. 22, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 22, 2016

Student Union Building, C – 211



Associated Student Government (ASG) BOD Members

  • President Frank Mueller (Chair)
  • VP of Finance and Communication Terence Chan (excused, proxied vote to Yasmeen Parades)
  • VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism Sasha Lee (voting)
  • VP of External Legislative Vanessa Ross (voting)
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility Henry LaVallee (voting)          
  • Campus Life and Events Representative Valeria Borodina (voting)
  • Emerging Tech and Entrepreneurial Representative Muhammad Hussain (voting)
  • Marketing and Public Relations Representative Mecaele Alemayehu (voting)
  • Chief Justice Trygve Vandal (non-voting)
  • Justice of Internal Affairs Kate Ivashkevich (Non-voting)
● = Present

o   =Absent

  • Justice of External Affairs Yazmeen Paredes (proxy for Terence Chan)


Voting Members Present: 7/7



  • Nora Lance





  1. Call to Order

President Frank Mueller called the meeting to order at 2:03 pm.


  1. Roll Call and Introductions

Introductions were made right to the left, including all present ASG members and guests. Everybody tells some nice things about the colleges.


Advisors Comments

Nora Lance

Asks ASG officers to support the Chinese Association and attend the Lunar New Year Celebration on February 5th.



  1. Minutes Review

The small changes in the January 15th minutes need to be done.

A motion to table January 15, 2016 minutes to the next BOD meeting was called by Vanessa Ross, seconded by Valeria Borodina.

Vote passed 7-0-0 to table the January 15th minutes to the next BOD meeting.



  1. ASG officers and advisor report:

Muhammad Hussain:

           Preparing for the STF meeting on February17th where they will discuss the funding request for buying new computers for library and laptops for ASG officers.

Uploaded last BOD minutes.

Kate Ivashkevich

Attended a Traffic Court. Reviewed by-laws with Trygve Vandal.

Worked on the BOD minutes


           Trygve Vandal

Attended a Traffic Court.

Has been working on college restructuring of ASG. Working on getting new applications for new ASG candidates.

Starts working with public safety director because curious how many parking spots are available for students.


           Yazmeen Paredes

Had a Traffic Court and a Traditional board meeting. Sha has been working on updating list with all clubs and programs.


Henry LaVallee

             Working on funding request. Thinking about a new project Trash Walk. It is to show how much waste we produce as individuals. He is participating in preparations Valentine’s Day. He has a DJ for a BBQ.

Has an Emergency Campus tour right now and asks to excuse him. He proxies his vote to Kate Ivashkevich.



           Vanessa Ross

Today OSLA had MLK demonstration. Students threw parachutes with dreams written on them from the balcony in front of the fountain. On Monday, January will be a training for students who goes to Rally to Olympia and on Wednesday they are going to Olympia. On Saturday, January 26th, Vanessa will attend a meeting about a textbooks affordability. This Thursday Vanessa attended a meeting about a textbook affordability at BC. The meeting will take place every two weeks and every ASG officer is welcome to attend it.



       Sasha Lee

This Tuesday was MLK poster party. On Wednesday Sasha attended Black Education Matters . The speaker was amazing.

BMSD will be hosting the tour to the Microsoft campus where students will have an opportunity to talk with IT professionals. 10 spots are available for BC students. February 12th is deadline for signing up.


     Mecaele Alemayehu

Attended MLK party. Starting posting on Facebook.


     Valerie Bordonia


Club caucus will be held on Thursday, January 28 from 1-3p.m. in room C130. Programs and ASG officers are welcome to attend.

Working on organization of BBQ.

The Watchdog will provide services for clubs and programs much cheaper then regular price.


     Frank Mueller

Thanks everyone for coming to the photo shoot. Encourages officers to attend textbook affordability meeting if they are available. On February 11th at 10;45 and 1;15 ASG will be holding panels regarding the role of ASG in the college structure. Asks help contribute to the BBQ.






  1. Budget Review
  2. Allocated during Winter Quarter – $3,470.30
  3. ASG Reserve #1984 – $53,869.50
  4. Club Contingency #1910 – $10,946.00
  5. Cultural #1903 – $8,512.40


Funding requests:

Frank Muller says that we have left 64 movie tickets from Open House and First 3 Days events and proposes to refund them to the PALS Center.

-Motion to approve refunding 64 tickets to the PALS Center by Sasha Lee.

-Seconded by Vanessa Ross.

– Vote passed 7-0-0 ( Yazmeen Paredes proxied for Terence Chan, Kate Ivashkevich proxied for Henry LaVallee)

Adjourning meeting

Motion to adjourn by Mecaele Alemayehu

Motion Seconded by Sasha Lee

Meeting adjourned at 2:36 pm.






01-22 -2016 BOD