Jan. 29, 2016 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting Minutes

Friday, January 29, 2016

Student Union Building, C – 211



Associated Student Government (ASG) BOD Members

  • President Frank Mueller (Chair)
  • VP of Finance and Communication Terence Chan(voting)
  • VP of Student Affairs and Pluralism Sasha Lee (voting)
  • VP of External Legislative Vanessa Ross (excused, proxies vote to Yasmeen Parades)
  • Environmental and Social Responsibility Henry LaVallee (voting)          
  • Campus Life and Events Representative Valeria Borodina (voting)
  • Emerging Tech and Entrepreneurial Representative Muhammad Hussain (voting)
  • Marketing and Public Relations Representative Mecaele Alemayehu (excused)
  • Chief Justice Trygve Vandal (voting)
  • Justice of Internal Affairs Kate Ivashkevich (Non-voting)
● = Present

o   =Absent

  • Justice of External Affairs Yasmeen Parades (proximate vote)


Voting Members Present: 8/8



  • Nora Lance


Guests: Sam Akeyo





  1. Call to Order

President Frank Mueller called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.


  1. Roll Call and Introductions

Introductions were made right to the left, including all present ASG members and guests.


Advisors Comments

Nora Lance

Thanked those who turned in timesheets. Asks ASG officers as leaders to influence on BC students don’t leave trash on the tables and floor on campus, particular in Cafeteria.



  1. Minutes Review

-A motion to approve the January 15, 2016 minutes with some corrections was called by Trygve Vandal, seconded by Sasha Lee.

Vote passed 8-0-0 to approve the January 15th minutes.

-A motion to approve the January 22, 2016 minutes was called by Trygve Vandal, seconded by Muhammad Hussain.

Vote passed 8-0-0 to approve the January 22nd minutes.




  1. ASG officers and advisor report:

Muhammad Hussain:

Attended Club Caucus. Helps Sasha to organize the Microsoft event. Submitted funding request to buy new tablets for ASG officers and OSLA and new computers for the Library.

Kate Ivashkevich

Read by-laws. Worked on the BOD minutes. Attended Club caucus and talked to clubs and programs representatives.


           Trygve Vandal


Has been working on college restructuring of ASG. Working on getting new applications for new ASG candidates and on changing by-laws and constitution. Worked on updating Committee list. Attended All College Council


           Yazmeen Parades

She is working on updating list with all clubs and programs. Was chattering with several new clubs; reading by-laws.


Henry LaVallee

Attended Club caucus yesterday and took some photos for posting them on website. Got a DJ to Valery for the BBQ. Working on Valentine’s Day organization. On Wednesday, February 3rd Henry and Sasha will have the Food Preparation Unveiling in Cafeteria.


             Sasha Lee

HBCU process going smoothly; many students are interested in it and coming to get more information. Sasha needs to print out application for Microsoft Multicultural Student Day.


          Terence Chan

Working on ASG T-shirts design and also, on funding requests.



     Valerie Bordonia


Thanked everyone who could attend Club caucus that was on Thursday, January 28. There were 57 representatives. Everything went smoothly. Clubs got a chance to talk to programs.

Working on organization of BBQ.



     Frank Mueller

Thanked officers for the great job.


  1. Budget Review
  2. Winter Quarter Reserve – $3,869.50
  3. ASG Reserve #1984 – $53,869.50
  4. Club Contingency #1910 – $10,946.00
  5. Cultural #1903 – $8,813


Funding requests:

Frank Muller presented The Watchdog funding request for advertisement events and publishing the articles about ASG. The amount of money requested is $2000. Officers have decided that they need to have more conversation about this and table the request since ASG has only about $4000 left in budget. Sasha suggests to split the requested money quarterly. Nora offers to make a monthly calendar with upcoming events and it will be much cheaper.

-Motion to table the funding request by Sasha Lee

-Seconded by Muhammad Hussain

– Vote passed 8-0-0 to table the Watchdog request

Adjourning meeting

Motion to adjourn by Sasha Lee

Motion Seconded by Muhammad Hussain

Meeting adjourned at 2:34 pm.






01-29 -2016 Minutes