Sacred Dance Path


About Kumu Karyne Daniels

Founder of Sacred Dance Path

Karyne (aka “Kumu” Karyne) is a master instructor who began teaching at the age of 17. She has built her 35 year career upon her natural gifts of inspirational communication and a soulful intuitive teaching style. A born dancer and natural entertainer, Karyne debuted her dance skills at age 3, when she first danced on top of a table at a Polynesian-themed restaurant in West Covina, CA. Today, she leads women and children into the deep beauty of Polynesian dance on the island of Maui. She says, “Dance found me at an early age, and has been my loyal and constant companion.” 

Karyne considers her dance work to be her humble service to the world; her Divine assignment in which she devotes her every cell to.





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