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About Jenny Nakao Hones (in her own words)

I am an interior designer and a certified feng shui consultant from Blue Mountain Institute. 
I have years of conventional interior design experience remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, living room and more.  I have also worked on multi-family, new construction, nursing homes and commercial design.
About ten years ago, I went to a lecture on feng shui given by Master Shan-tung Hsu.  It changed my whole approach to design.  Dr. Hsu teaches us how and why forms and environments can affect the way we feel, think and act.  It taught me how to balance the energy of a design with the physical world, creating a more holistic space.  Our living environments affect our body, mind, and spirit.
In feng shui, we believe that all things have an innate energy, that we call Chi.  Living things such as people, pets and plants have energy.  But also all non-living things have an energy too.  We just vibrate at a different level.  By understanding these energies, we are able to assess and design spaces that are conducive to more chi.
A little bit about my background.  I am a third generation Japanese American, born in Hawaii and raised in Tokyo.  Living in Asia for over 30 years, I have a strong love and sensibility for Asian culture and design.  I share this passion on my blog called where you can find recipes, health and design tips and stories on Japanese culture.  Please do stop by!
I was a homemaker for many years before going back to school to study interior design.  Some of my friends used to joke to ask if I was the Japanese Martha Stewart.  As a family we loved to entertain and gather around the dinner table to share hot shabu shabu meals with friends and neighbors.
Being a mother of three gave me the ground work to understand how spaces work.  I made a lot of mistakes with every home I lived in.  We lived in a variety of climates too, from temperate to tropical and even in the desert.  But through real, everyday living, I slowly began to understand what made one room cozy, while the other feel cold.  Why light colors made a room expand and darker colors made the space feel smaller.  And so much more.
Now, as emptynesters, we are leading a more quite life in the country where my husband grows lettuce.   I have learned from Master Hsu, that as life goes through many transitions, our living spaces will naturally change too.  We are all seeking harmony in life.
Thanks for visiting my site.  I would love to help you find design solutions to make you life simpler, easier and less stressful.  And I would love to help you create beautiful spaces that make your life the best you can be.
Please feel free contact me for any questions at or call 425-444-3046.