June 8, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date | Time: 6/8/2017 1:30 PM                                                                              Meeting Called By: ASG President

Board Members          Voting Members Present: 8/9 at 1:38 PM

ASG President                                                                                                  Sammy Akeyo                                          Present (show up at 1:55)
ASG VP of Finance & Communications                                                      Amber Castaneda (chair)                      Present
ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism                                                      Abner Pagunuran                                    Present
ASG Chief Justice                                                                                            Michael Cha                                              Present
ASG Marketing & Public Relations Representative                                 Mei-Ching Wu                                          Present
ASG Campus Life and Events Representative                                           Jordan Domonique Allen                      Present
ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Representative                         Connor Sinnott                                         Present
ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative                 Joedy Morrow                                          Present
ASG External Legislative Representative                                                   Jahkari Aujla-Singh                                 Present


MingZhen Wu                      Student
Sean Stuart                           Student, incoming ASG External Legislative Representative
Lucy Su                                 Student, incoming ASG Chief Justice
Paul Bell                                Community Member
Saghar Rasoulamini           OSLA City Liaison
Abby Lynn                           Campus Events Coordinator
Trygve Vandal                     ITS Budget Coordinator
Vanno Kong                         Student, incoming ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism


  1. Commencement

Chair calls the BOD session to order at 1:38 P.M.

  1. Introductions

Introductions are made right to left (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests.

  1. Approval of the Agenda

Motion to AMEND the agenda to strike the executive session: Abner Pagunuran.

Motion Passes, unanimously.

Motion to APPROVE the agenda of 6/8/2017: Jahkari Aujla-Singh.
Motion Passes, unanimously.

  1. Approval of the Minutes

Motion to APPROVE the minutes from 6/1/2017: Jahkari Aujla-Singh.
Motion Passes, unanimously.

  1. Executive Report

Abner Pagunuran

I attended the most recent Board of Trustees meeting and listened in on the transition from President Wakefield to Jerry Weber. Gita Bangera was voted in to serve as acting president through July after President Wakefield’s leave at the end of the month until August 1st when Jerry Weber steps in as president. Feel free to check out the meeting minutes or ask me for details!

Michael Cha

There are still positions in ASG that we need to promote: the ASG Campus Life and Events Representative and the ASG Marketing and Public Relations Representative. If we could promote those, that would be great.

  1. Representative Report
    Jahkari Aujla-Singh

OSLA officer open jobs will start in summer quarter.

Jorden Allen

Update the Commute Trip Fare Deduction.

  1. Finance Report

We have no funding requests today. Still sitting at about $50,000 in 1984 and waiting to get requests approved by CAB from Abby, but that won’t be substantial. Still about $2,500 between 1910 & 1903.

  1. OSLA Update

Saghar Rasoulamini

Request to extend the OSLA City Liaison until September 30, 2017 in order to have the opportunity to work on the affordable housing project with the City of Bellevue during summer time. If there are OSLA candidates qualify during the summer, I will be happy to do the transition.

Sean Stuart

The extension of the City Liaison can also help the OSLA and ASG transition.

Sammy Akeyo comes at 1:55 P.M.
Motion to APPROVE the extension of the OSLA City Liaison in an interim capacity from July 1st until a date to be determined by the next academic session’s Board of Directors, but no later than September 30th.: Sammy Akeyo, Michael Cha.

Motion Approved 6:0:2

  1. Action Items

Motion to CONFIRM Lucy Su as the 2017-2018 ASG Chief Justice: Sammy Akeyo, Jahkari Aujla-Singh.

Motion Passes, unanimously.

Motion to CONFIRM Sean Stuart as 2017-2018 ASG External Legislative Representative: Sammy Akeyo, Abner Pagunuran.

Motion Passes, unanimously.

Motion to CONFIRM Roger St. Louis as 2017-2018 ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Representative: Sammy Akeyo, Jahkari Aujla-Singh.

Motion Passes, unanimously.

Motion to CONFIRM Joedy Morrow as 2017-2018 ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative: Sammy Akeyo, Jahkari Aujla-Singh.

Motion Passes, 8:0:1.

Jahkari Aujla-Singh leaves at 2:06PM

  1. Open comments


  1. Announcements


  1. Unscheduled Business
    Joedy Morrow

The King County Council will be meeting this month. The Seattle Colleges have drafted a letter to propose a new student fare in order to provide financially accessible transportation, alleviate congestion, and promote sustainability.

  1. Adjournment

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 2:18 PM: Michael Cha, Sammy Akeyo.

Motion passes, unanimously.