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May 1, 2019 Minutes

Date | Time: 05/01/2019 2:00PM                          Meeting Called By: ASG President

Board Members                                         Voting Members Present: 5/5

ASG President                         Yasmin Hassan

ASG Vice President                    Nathan Levin                                  

ASG Secretary                             I-An Chen                    

ASG Events Representative Audi Brown

ASG Emerging Technology & Entrepreneurial Representative Beverly Ackah

ASG Social Responsibility Representative  Jordan Allen

ASG Public Relations Representative   Marijke Thomas


El Centro Latino       LaMeshia         Abby       Mike       Carrie


  1. Commencement

Chair calls the BOD session to order at 2:06 pm.

  • Introduction

Introductions are made in order (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests.

  • Approval of agenda

Motion to APPROVE the agenda for 05/01/19: Nathan Levin, Marijke Thomas

Motion Passes, unanimously

  • Approval of the Minutes

Motion to APPROVE the minutes from 04/24/19: Nathan Levin, Marijke Thomas

Motion Passes, unanimously

  • Representative Report

Marijke Thomas

Working on updating social media to promote election and the award gala

Audi Brown

   Working on the Gala and election, tabling to promote the gala

Beverly Ackah

Updating the STF fee

Nathan Levin

   Work on the Voice Academy, tabling for election

   Yasmin Hassan

   Working on the election, gala, financial code, and constitution

   Jordan Allen

   Work on the SESF meeting, postpone the SESF meeting

6.  Budget Report

Nathan Levin

1900- $31,932; 1903 $13,000; 1910 $13,323; 1984 $202,978 (until 05/01/19)

7.  Action items

1) Approval of the Latinx night funding request

Motion to APPROVE the Latinx night funding request from El Centro Latino from budget 1984: Nathan Levin, Marijke Thomas

Motion Passes, unanimously

    2) Approval of tabling the financial code to the next meeting

Motion to TABLE the financial code to the next meeting: Nathan Levin, Marijke Thomas

Motion Passes, unanimously

3) Approval of the S&A fee decisions

Motion to APPROVE the S&A fee decisions with stipulations: Audi Brown, Marijke Thomas

Motion Passes, unanimously


  1. Full and complete transparency for ALL S&A accounts. The operating ones and also ALL reserve accounts with all budget numbers. These accounts and its balance, including interest paid should be presented to ASG no later than Monday, May 6th, 2019. Give it to the treasurer.
  2. All accounts including all reserve accounts must be presented to ASG and S&A committee 1 week prior to the S&A annual committee meeting. 
  3. ALL ASG accounts and ASG – S&A reserve accounts all must be separate and independent of student program accounts and budgets. ASG is student operated and ALL S&A money and budgets will be given and decided by ASG.

8.   Adjournment

 Motion to ADJOURN the meeting at 2:22pm: Nathan Levin, Marijke Thomas

 Motion Passes, unanimously

ASG Meeting Minutes

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