August 3, 2017 Meeting Minutes

Date | Time: 8/3/2017 2:30 PM                                                          Meeting Called By: ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism

Board Members                     Voting Members Present: 6/9

ASG President                                                                                                  Michael Cha                                              Absent (excused)
ASG VP of Finance & Communications                                                      Amber Castaneda                                    Absent (excused)
ASG VP of Student Affairs & Pluralism                                                      Vanno Kong (Van)  (Chair)                    Present
ASG Chief Justice                                                                                            Lucy Su                                                      Present
ASG Marketing & Public Relations Representative                                 Erika Lamothe                                          Present
ASG Campus Life and Events Representative                                           Xiaolin Huang (Sylvia)                           Absent (excused)
ASG Emerging Tech & Entrepreneurial Representative                         Roger St. Louis                                         Present
ASG Environmental & Social Responsibility Representative                Joedy Morrow                                          Present
ASG External Legislative Representative                                                   Sean Stuart                                               Present


Nora Lance Associate Director of Student Programs

Mike Kaptick Dean of Student Life

LaMeisha Reese-Taylor Student Programs Supervisor

Abby Lynn Campus Activities Board Coordinator

Alice Jenkins Governance


  1. Commencement
    Chair calls the BOD session to order at 2:30 P.M.
  2. Introductions
    Introductions are made right to left (name, position, gender pronouns) including all present ASG members and guests.
  3. Amend agenda
    Motion to AMEND the agenda of 8/3/17 to add funding request for Welcome Fair presented by Nora Lance: Sean Stuart
    Motion Passes, unanimously.

  4. Approval of the Minutes
    Motion to AMEND the minutes from 7/20/17 to include correction to start time and unscheduled business: Joedy Morrow
    Motion Passes, unanimously

  5. Approval of the Minutes
    Motion to APPROVE the minutes from 7/20/17: Joedy Morrow
    Motion Passes, unanimously

  6. Executive Report
    Vanno Kong

    Lucy Su
    Contacted Traffic Court regarding student at large positions

  7. Representative Report
    Roger St. Louis

    Erika Lamothe
    Word press and ASG website

    Sean Stewart
    Legislative agenda and survey.

  8. Discussion items:

    PSE update: Joedy Morrow
    Joedy Morrow and Sean Stewart attended the Bellevue City Council Hearing regarding the PSE resolution to invest in renewable energy instead of fossil fuels such as coal.

    OSLA positions: Sean Stuart
    In the process of interviewing

  9. Unscheduled Business:
    LaMeisha Reese-Taylor
    Students attending CUSP trip. Welcome Fair.

    Abby Lynn
    Charting Clubs.

    Joedy Morrow
    Motion to APPROVE minutes from 7/27/17: Joedy Morrow, Sean Stuart
    Motion Passes, unanimously

    Alice Jenkins
    Explains governance structure, function, hiring for student positions.

  10. Adjournment
    Motion to ADJOURN the meeting at 2:43pm: Lucy Su, Sean Stuart.
    Motion Passes, unanimously