$0 — looking for media outreach volunteer – equine rescue


Volunteer wanted to set up media outreach campaign for local grass roots not for profit. Equine Sanctuary & Rescue founded in 2005 is a consciously small animal rescue organization hosted on a local farm that serves the animals in need in our area. Though well versed in care, rehab and training of horse ponies and donkeys we need help establishing a new brand outside the normal farming communities of a decade ago. Not versed in digital outreach and being constrained time wise we need a volunteer to set up our digital identity and outreach. Rescue is hard work and we would ask that any volunteer be well versed in digital matters as well as have the time dedication and work ethic to match the organization’s operations and history. Great opportunity for a quality project. Multiple opportunities for various persons as projects are created and planned. We are opening up a new chapter of education and outreach to a non traditional equine related public. We need to reinvent what the horse means to society as we stand now. We need to create a concerned public to create the funds to care for the rescued residents long term. We need to create new care standards and education in relation to the challenges the PNW brings to the horse. To create a voice for equine rescue through digital and media expertise is your path to empowering us ! Please email or text as I do not carry my phone around the farm.


Rebecca Cathcart

Phone: (206) 455-0121
Date Submitted: 12/07/2019