Our staff for 2014 is Tiffany Nguyen, Michael Blanding, Flora Whiting and Zeke Hill.    Many thanks to these four students for putting together a great magazine!  Their bios are below.

Tiffany Nguyen is an artist and student currently attending Bellevue College.

Michael Blanding is is an aspiring writer. He has spent the last five years writing a book that he hopes to publish by this summer, and has written and had ideas for many more stores he hopes to see on the printed page as well. He has attended Bellevue College for the past two years. Recently he was accepted into BYU-Idaho and hopes to finish his education there after serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Along with writing and his religion,  e also enjoys acting and singing in any capacity and hopes to explore this to more at BYU-Idaho.

Flora Whiting  is an artist and student currently attending Bellevue College.

Zeke Hill, known for getting into debates with his math teacher in middle school, sometimes writes things. This is one of those things. He intends to graduate with an AA and high school diploma in Spring 2014. He enjoys reading, philosophy, video games, piano, and writing. He has been home schooled, attended private school, online school, public school, and co-ops! He would like to thank you for reading, and says goodbye.



Belletrist staff 2013 002

From left to right: Jean-Claude Abboud, Taylor Dumas, Haley Prins, Chelsea Gordon, Kayla  Dechant.  Not pictured: Thomas Caetano, Katya Schexnaydre. 


Our 2012 staff was small but mighty, with Alyssa Westgate and Shosh Moore efficiently and creatively putting together the 2nd edition of BC’s online literary magazine.

Shoshana (Shosh) Moore has returned to college studies after nearly 20 years working in the environmental and engineering consulting industry.  In addition to pursuing her education, she works part-time in BC’s Writing Lab as a tutor.  She makes her home in Bellevue.

Alyssa Anne Westgate has lived in many cities in the United States, including Los Angeles and Buffalo, NY.  After a lot of shuffling around she has finally landed in Seattle, with her husband, two crazy dogs and three cats.  She is pursuing a BA in English, and hopes to transfer to UW in the fall.  She likes to take pictures, especially of her pets and the beautiful Northwest, as well as paint, and garden organically.


Many thanks go to this first staff of Belletrist, for their creativity, energy, and innovation in putting together Bellevue College’s very first online literary magazine!

From left to right: Kassandra Daigle, Rochelle Bourns, Brittany Soler, Stephanie Thomas, Terran Jendro and Laura Burns.


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    When will the current Belletrist spring edition be published?
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    I would like to know if I published my story in Belletrist, would I be able to publish it on any other publishing service ?

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