Patterson, Kyle  robot head revised (1)



Life: Post Internet by Emry Dinman

Bone Marrow by Emry Dinman

Progenitor by Brian Litterell

Helicopters by Micah Frederick

Polaroid by Micah Frederick

Shoes like Grandpa’s by Nikolaus Bautista

Friday Night by Tyler Northcutt

Photoleap by Tammi Doyle


Paradise Tossed by Raymond Johnsen Lucas

Window into Make Believe by Raymond Johnsen Lucas

At the Moment of Death by Kay Kole Leary

Don’t do it! by Kay Kole Leary

God Motto by Andre Bourlin

Lines Occasioned by an Admonition by Marcos Amen

Hiroshima by Marcos Amen

Short-Shorts by Marcos Amen

Artwork and Photos

Nomad by Kyle Patterson

Batgirl by Kyle Patterson

Daydream by Kyle Patterson

Veins by Karli Colacurcio

Willow by Karli Colacurcio

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