Marcos Amen originates from Wenatchee, Washington and has spent the last 10 of his 25 years writing poetry. Some of his major influences include John Keats, Donald Hall, Dana Gioia, Robinson Jeffers and Donald Justice. He is in his first year of school at Bellevue College and has been published in the Mirror Northwest.


Nikolaus Bautista is a Freshman at Bellevue College, and is an aspiring writer. Born, raised, and currently residing in Renton, “Shoes Like Grandpa’s,” is his first published piece, though he has won awards for his literary works in High School. As of late, he is working on a series of short stories, to be published and sold through Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing. Mr. Bautista would like to thank The Belletrist, for accepting his work, and he would like to declare that he dedicates this short story, for whom it wouldn’t have been possible to have written, to his Grandfather, Jacob Hergert.


Karli Colacurcio Karli is 20 years old and will be graduating with her Associate’s from Bellevue College this year. Having no formal training in photography or editing, most of her work is done through hobby or interest; a curiosity of shadows and the finer details the world has to offer. She aspires to one day transfer to the University of Washington and continue towards a degree in psychology.


Emry Dinman was born in Seattle in June, 1995. He hates Bellevue, which represents to him the cancer in the nose of his species. He believes Bellevue should be surgically removed from within the face-plate of society. The school, in his opinion, is no better. It was probably Wittgenstein that said that people are nothing more than constructs of language and association. Emry is terrified that Ludwig might be right.


Tammis Doyle is the chair of the Theatre Arts Department of Drama and Dance of Bellevue College.  Ms. Doyle received her Bachelor of Arts in History with a minor in Drama from UC Berkeley and her Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Directing from the University of Washington.  She is a professional theatre director and playwright who has been produced by Music Theatre Works, Alice B. Theatre, Renton Civic Theatre, the 5th Avenue Theatre at the Seattle Fringe Festival, Bellevue College, and the Seattle School District.  Her plays and musicals include the full length White Porcelain Christmas (which she wrote with Kim Douglass,) the short musicals, Nighthawks and Christina’s World, The Teddy’s Bear’s PicnicPhotoleaping is the beginning of her first novel.


Micah Frederick is a writer/poet/musician/actor/reader/generally interested person from Kent, WA. This is his first time being published. He is currently attending Bellevue College for his Associates Of Arts & Sciences in general studies. His writing typically comes around because somehow the real world isn’t big enough. Micah’s other writings, thoughts, and bad jokes can be found on his blogspot None Of This Means Everything, where he writes under the pseudonym Hound, and can be found at


Kay Kole Leary Born as Karen, to an adventurous school teacher and an international construction rigger in Rio de Janerio, I lived my first year in the mountains of Brazil, then my second and third years in the foothills of the California Gold Rush Country.

I grew up playing in the hills, beaches, lakes and creeks of various parts of California and Oregon, and my continuing love of the out of doors drew me to the Pacific Northwest as a young adult, where circumstances led me to take on the nickname “Kay”. After receiving my Master’s degree in Deaf Education from Lewis and Clark College in Portland, I spent the school years working with young Deaf and Hard of Hearing children and my summers out of doors.

Once I moved to Seattle, married, and had my own children, I strove to instill in them the same love of nature.

These poems were created when I participated in an on-line poetry class at BCC, which I found an enjoyable respite during a difficult year as a teacher nearing retirement. I had a lot of fun writing them, and hope you enjoy reading them. “Don’t Do It” is NOT autobiographical and “At the Moment of Death” was inspired by a dream.


Raymond Johnsen Lucas left a career in production to pursue his passion for writing. Besides time spent writing poetry and science fiction, he attends UCLA where he is completing a degree in Linguistics. An avid poetry reader, he frequents Dickinson, Frost, Cummings, Yeats, Shakespeare, Rumi, and LaoZhe, among many others. He searches for the elusive ‘unbiased perspective’: that of all things unto themselves, the center truth of all perspectives. Follow him on Instagram at raymondjlucas, where he posts photopoems regularly.


Tyler Northcutt, originally from the Lone Star State, has lived in Bellevue, WA for the past seven years, and now considers the Pacific Northwest his home.  He graduated from Bellevue College in winter 2015 with an associate’s degree in the arts and sciences.  Currently, he is enrolled at Seattle University, where he is working towards a bachelor’s degree, with a major in English-Creative Writing and a minor in Film Studies.  Writing, along with film, are his two biggest passions in life, and he hopes to one day be able to combine those two passions into a career.  Some of his wide-ranging writing influences include Woody Allen, Stephen King, and Flannery O’Connor to name a few.


Kyle Patterson I’ve never been content with the limitations of normal life, and that’s definitely helped me out so far. Despite only being a freshman at UW, I’ve participated in and co-lead multiple art fairs and received numerous paid commissions ranging from simple illustration to concept art. I have a particular love for the fantastic and strive to push the boundaries of my imagination every day.


Nate Slivka is a BC student who also served as a 2015 Belletrist staff member.


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