The American Sign Language Club at Bellevue College is a student-run and funded program that aims to help students access the Deaf community. We aim to get students out into the Deaf world to give them first-hand experience with the culture. The best way to increase the proficiency of new students learning a new language is to provide them with opportunity to practice it frequently. With that in mind, the ASL club is proud to offer a variety of events each quarter to help students with their skills.

ASL Chat Nights are held every Wednesday night, in the Factoria mall, next to Panera Bread, from 7-9pm. These are voice-off events so if you are not yet confident in your skills, feel free to bring a pencil and paper. During the academic year – these groups can draw anywhere from twenty to forty people so these chat nights are great for students who want lots of practice.

Always check the the Upcoming Events page to stay up to date for any other events!

We also keep touch via Facebook.