Trans* Resources


(Perspective: no symbol= cisgender      *transman       &transwoman          ^non-binary, undefined and/or genderqueer)

Why Representation Matters(You’re in the middle of a youtube conversation so you might want to check out the previous videos to get context for the conversation)

Trans* vs. Transsexual*

Misgendering Yourself*

It’s Okay to be Feminine (FTM Transgender)*

Transgender Awareness Week*

Traveling and Networking While Trans*

Trans Youtube Series*^&

#MoreThanMarriage ^

Deals with What it Means to be Trans (TRIGGER WARNING: mention of genitalia)

Not your average butch lesbian^

Doctors Blame Everyone on Being Trans*

Transgender Misconceptions^*

Social Construct does not equal Imaginary^

Social Construction & Gender^


Gender Policing^

How To be a Good Trans Ally

Trans without Dysphoria^

Trans Enough

Questioning Gender 

What are MTM and FTF? -unclear-


Trans* Labels  ~ From a cis perspective


Waiting to Transition*

Bad Visibility*


Trans or Just Upset By Your Place in Society? // Ask Jack *

THINGS NOT TO SAY TO A TRANS PERSON (Mixed gender/race audience) *&^

Advice, Trans Stuff, etc.*


Laverne Cox Story &

Embarrassing Transgender Stories~ Maya &

Why Did I Choose? I Valentijn De Hingh I TEDxAmsterdam &

Why we need gender fluidity I Nicholas Metcalf I TEDxUMN -two spirit- (note: binaristic)

Understanding the Complexities of Gender: Sam Killermann at TEDxUoflChicago 

  • Warning: binary gender only, implies if not want penis=woman gender identity)~transwoman

Why transgenders stop dreaming I Julian Tanaka I TEDxADMU  *

  • Don’t call people transgenders or transgendered, they are transgender people or trans people.

Hey Doc, some boys are born girls: Decker Moss at TEDxColumbus * 

  • Note: binaristic in gender and gender norms: ex. boys wear this, girls wear this, masculinity= boy

Why I use she/her pronouns I Gender Resources^

My Transgender Experience I Fox Fisher I*

Growing up transgender I Monique Schafter I TEDxUltimo * &

Gender bound I Judi Herring I TEDxJacksonville

Gender Expression and Gender Identity

  • transwomen focus

Chase. Parents. Talk to us.*

Opps! I forgot I’m trans.*

Chase. Get the government out of your pants*

Trans male privilege^


  • trans binary video, little or no mention of non-binary trans

How to call people out.*

True Trans (covers a variety of identities, some not mentioned explicitly)

Being Forced Out of the Closet (Bi/Panromantic Non-binary Asexual) ^

Trans Woman Ask Trans Men Questions * &

Trans Men Ask Trans Women Questions * &

Gender Quest I Alexander Cannon I TEDxTerry Talks*

    • Only binary gender mentions
    • “Female genitalia”— What are those?
    • Transgender/gender dysphoria definition too open ended, doesn’t fit for intersex people, only for one’s assigned male or female at birth/// mentions intersex later
    • Male vs. man, used synonymously 
    • “Transition to male” ~implies that you can’t be a man until you transitioned (incorrect)


Black Transgender Woman SURVIVES Being Molested &

A Transgender Man’s Path to Freedom*

Are Arielle and Dan Transphobic? ^

EPISODE #1 – All About that Cis * *

Trans labels

LGBT Stereotypes in Media (Panel)

  • Gay men and transwomen focus

Non-Fiction Books

  • Recommended by BC Faculty Member N
    • Transgender Warriors: Making History from Joan of Arc to Denis Rodman  by Leslie Feinberg (dated~ 1996)
    • The Transgender Studies Reader (2006) by Susan Stryker
    • Normal Life: Administrative Violence, Critical Trans Politics, and Limits of Law (2011) by Dean Spade
    • Captive Genders: Trans Embodiment and the Prison Industrial Complex (2011) by Dean Spade
    • Exile and Pride: Disability, Queerness, and Liberation (2015) by Eli Clare*
  • Used in Queer Studies class
    • Trans Liberation: Beyond Pink or Blue (1998) by Leslie Feinberg
  • Redefining Realness: My Path to Womanhood, Identity, Love & So Much More by Janet Mock*

*Available at Bellevue College library




  • Hourou Musuko, also called Wandering Sun [Anime] * &

Hourou Musuko

~ ~ ~

This is what the club calls a Living Database which should adapt to the changing needs of our time. In previous decades, certain sexual/romantic orientation, intersex and gender identities didn’t exist because of the lack of talk and representation. The club website will do it’s best to pick up on all the new terms and concepts that are coming out, it is run mostly by 1 person so if something new has come up. It would be AMAZING and much appreciated if you could comment below in whatever language you find preferable (English would be best for the quickest response though). We would most appreciate criticisms, resources, additional information that we missed or any topic that you believe this website should address which it hasn’t. Art, movies, comic books and representation are also considered resources. In addition, if you have questions about the content, feel free to ask questions whether it is through email (check out Contact Us, Doe Mori is the best contact) or commenting below.
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