Sex and Basic Gender Terminology


  • Cisgender/cis: those whose gender and sex assigned at birth align
  • Transgender/trans: those whose gender and sex assigned at birth don’t align
  • Intersex: those whose genitalia, chromosomes, hormones and/or secondary sex characteristics don’t align with the medical community’s strict definition of a male and a female
  • Female
  • Male


Gender Identities

  • trans man/man: a person who was assigned female at birth but identifies as a man (who may or may not transition physically)
    • Note: FTM/MTF are problematic terminology because they assume if you are assigned a particular sex at birth (by your genitalia, most likely) then it directly translates to a binary gender identity, which is not the case. It also assumes that you transitioned, often indicating a physical transition such as top/bottom surgery, hormones, etc. which not everyone who is a trans man or woman wishes to go through. It’s okay if someone identifies as that and if they want you to refer to them as that but do not force or identify other people as FTM without their permission.
  • trans woman/woman: a person who was assigned male at birth but identifies as a woman
  • cisgender man/cis man: a person who was assigned male at birth and identifies as a man
  • cisgender woman/cis woman: a person who was assigned female at birth and identifies as a woman
  • non-binary: refers to a person’s gender who isn’t exclusively a man or a woman
    • umbrella term for ex. gender neutral, agender, bigender, gender fluid, etc.
    • often used synonymous with gender queer

To see more gender identities go to: Gender Terminology, it is located under Non-Binary and Gender Queer parent page.

Discrimination Terminology:

  • Transphobia: fear, dislike or hatred of transgender people and/or the idea of transgender in general
  • Cissexism: institutional response which assumes that all people are cisgender and therefore excludes the needs, concerns and life experiences of non-cisgender people; awards power to cisgender people and denies privileges/rights to non-cisgender people
  • Cisgender privilege (or “cis” privilege): set of advantages that individuals who identify as the gender they were assigned at birth due to their cisgender status
  • Cisgenderism: “is a prejudice that denies, ignores, denigrates, or stigmatizes any stereotypically non-cisgender form of expression, sexual activity, behavior, relationship, or community” ~ Transgender HIV/AIDS Info website
    • Exists in transgender/cisgender people
  • Trans-misogyny: sexist discrimination against transwomen
    • Problem cuz of patriarchal society that has contempt for women, feminity, non-conformity, and gender variance


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