For many outside of the LGBTQIA community, it can seem impossible for people who aren’t heterosexual and/or heteroromantic to be religious. Whether that be Muslim, Mormon, Christian, Catholic, Evangelist, Hindu, etc., it seems like an impossibility. However, many people go through the coming out process to themselves and to their families and maintain their faith. Of course, there are exceptions and there are non-religious LGBTQIA members (me being one of them) but from what I have seen, it usually isn’t a person’s sexuality/romantic orientation or gender identity that causes them to deconvert from their established faith.

Here are a few youtube videos and other resources about LGBTQIA members/discussion about how religion works with their identities.



Free Speech: Can you be Gay and Muslim? (Note: ambiguity on type of love referring to, may imply homoromantic only)

Religion & Sexuality I First Person #17

A Gay Mormon Love Story: Elder I Op-Docs I The New York Time

Pansexuality and Our Potential to Love: Jesse Taylor at TEDxClemsonU

  • (Note: values romance over platonic love attitude, misuses terms male and female, religious, defines bisexual as attraction towards men and women, acknowledges non-binary)


  • books, websites, movies, tv shows, etc.




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This is what the club calls a Living Database which should adapt to the changing needs of our time. In previous decades, certain sexual/romantic orientation, intersex and gender identities didn’t exist because of the lack of talk and representation. The club website will do it’s best to pick up on all the new terms and concepts that are coming out, it is run mostly by 1 person so if something new has come up. It would be AMAZING and much appreciated if you could comment below in whatever language you find preferable (English would be best for the quickest response though). We would most appreciate criticisms, resources, additional information that we missed or any topic that you believe this website should address which it hasn’t. Art, movies, comic books and representation are also considered resources. In addition, if you have questions about the content, feel free to ask questions whether it is through email (check out Contact Us, Doe Mori is the best contact) or commenting below.
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