Additional Terminology

  • Aesthetic attraction: attraction based on appearance (not necessarily romantic or platonic)
  • Sensual attraction: attraction to individuals based on wanting to engage in activities such as cuddling
  • Quoisexual(Quoiromantic): person experiences sexual (or romantic) attraction that is atypical of allosexual (alloromantic) individuals and doesn’t know where they fit on the asexual spectrum, or doesn’t identify with existing labels
  • WTFsexual/(WTFromantic): when you can’t distinguish between sexual (or romantic) and aesthetic attraction; or if you’re on the asexual spectrum but don’t identify with any of the existing terms
  • Kalossexual/(Kalosromantic): desiring a sexual (or romantic) relationships, but never being sexually attracted to anyone in particular
  • Reciprosexual: when you experience sexual attraction after you realize someone is sexually attracted to you
  • Quasiplatonic: relationships which are platonic but are closer than friendships (could be sexual)
    • Also QPR: Quasiplatonic Partner
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