Poly Terminology


  • Bisexual:
    • past: sexual attraction to  2 genders of people (ex. men and agenders)
    • currently: sexual attraction to 2 or more genders of people  (ex. men, women, genderqueer)
    • –Bisexual is often used as an umbrella terms for polysexualities
  • Polysexual: a person whose sexually attracted to more than 2 genders of people
    • umbrella term
  • Pansexual: a person whose sexually attracted to people of all genders
  • Skoliosexual: a person whose sexually attracted to people who are non-binary/genderqueer or who don’t identify as cisgender


  • Biphobia: the irrational fear or hatred of bisexuals or bisexuality
  • Monosexism: institutional response which assumes that all people are monosexual and therefore excludes the needs, concerns, and life experience of non-monosexual people (bi-, poly-, pan-, etc.); awards power and other rewards to monosexual people and denies privileges and rights to non-monosexual people
  • Compulsory monosexuality: the idea that we live in a society where it’s assumed and enforced that you are attracted to only one gender
  • Monosexual privilege: set of advantages that individuals who are monosexual (ex. Homo-, hetero-, gynesexual) recieve solely because of their monosexuality
    • Ex. you’re not treated as if you’re in the closet, greater trust in credibility when come out, can be polyamorous without enforcing stereotypes




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