Pan Misconceptions

“There are only 2 genders, so pansexuality can’t exist.”

There are non-binary, genderqueer and plenty of gender variant gender identities. This statement perpetuates gender binarism and contributes to these statistics for non-binary individuals

Gender Terminology

Binarism is “a mode of thought predicated on stable oppositions (as good and evil or male and female) that is seen in post-structuralist analysis as an inadequate approach to areas of difference” ~ from Merriam Webster


  • Unemployment 76% genderqueer vs. 56% binary trans
  • Physical assaults 32% genderqueer vs. 25% binary trans
  • Harassment by law enforcement 31% vs. 25%
  • Forgo health care treatment 36% vs. 27%
  • Involved in drug sales, sex work, underground economics 20% vs. 15%
  • Suicide 43% genderqueer vs. 40% binary trans
  • —> click here for more information on non-binary and genderqueer misconceptions  and discrimination

As for pansexual statistics, they’re usually grouped together with bisexual statistics so I couldn’t find any statistics specific to the sexuality to reflect the discrimination against pansexuality.


“ ‘Pan’ originally meant ‘ALL’ so pansexuals must be attracted to EVERYTHING: dogs, cats, couches, toasters, water, etc.”

A person’s sexuality (ex. Pansexual, panromantic) refers to what gender of people that person is attracted to. Bestiality (sexual attraction to animals) and objectophilia (strong love or commitment to an object) are separate from sexuality identifications like pansexual.


“Pansexuals are really REALLY sexually attracted to pans, pots and such,”  Your friend whispers beneath a tin foil hat. “I heard they also have sex with them.”

Words can have double meanings. The prefix pan- means “all” and in the context of pansexual means an attraction to all genders, while pan (the word) refers to a cooking tool. This is the same as bat: it can be a flying mammal or a wooden stick, depending on the context.

As for the sexual attraction to pan, pots, etc. is called objectophilia which is the strong feeling, attraction, love or commitment to an inanimate objection (including pans)


“Pansexuality and bisexuality are the same thing.”

Nope, pansexuality refers to a person’s attraction to people of all genders while bisexuality includes only two. This confusion likely arises from people forgetting that non-binary and genderqueer identities exist which is why we have the term pansexuality.  


“Since pansexuals are attracted to all sexes and genders, they’ll sleep with anybody.”

First, a pansexual refers to the attraction to all genders of persons. A pansexual can be attracted to a person whose assigned a certain sex at birth but the term refers to gender.

Second, sexual attraction is different from sexual behavior. Whether a person sleeps with you depends on a variety of factors like your personality, attitude, etc. and the pansexual person’s personal preference, however, just because a person fits the gender a pansexual is attracted to, it does not automatically mean a pansexual will sleep with that person.


“Pansexuality is one of those made-up Tumblr identities that doesn’t actually exist.”


“Even despite this rather air-tight argument, another look at Google Trends shows that the term “pansexuality” by itself had significant web activity more than 3 years before “Tumblr pansexuality” had any sort of significant internet footprint” (“Pansexuality 101”). 

In addition, “pansexuality may have a predominant culture that intersects with Tumblr users and, yes, a majority of the best information about pansexuality can be found within various posts to the website, but just because you don’t like the medium that popularized it doesn’t mean that it is illegitimate” (“Pansexuality 101”).





Jakubowski, Kaylee. “Pansexuality 101: It’s More Than ‘Just Another Letter'”Everyday Feminism., 12 Nov. 2014. Web. 20 Apr. 2016.

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