This is a broad list of homophobic behavior, however, none of it is of my making. I merely paraphrased the information. This is from an excerpt of the book Lesbians: A Consciousness Raising Kit by Boston NOW Lesbian Task Force (recommended by a BC professor CS). All the credit of this page goes to the creators of the book and the finding of this resource to the professor.

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When you look at a gay man or lesbian, you automatically think of their sexually, instead of seeing them as a whole person.

You fail to be supportive when your gay or lesbian friend is sad about a quarrel or break up.

You think you can “spot one.”

When you use “gay” or lesbian” as accusatory.

You don’t ask about a lesbian or gay’s partner well-being, when you regularly ask, “How is your husband or boyfriend?” when you run into a heterosexual friend as okay.

When you feel repulsed by public displays of affection between gay men or lesbians, but accept the same affectionate displays between heterosexuals as okay.

You wonder which one is the “man” or “woman” in a gay couple.

You feel that gay people are too outspoken about gay rights.

You assume that everyone you meet is heterosexual.

You feel that a gay man or lesbian is just a man or woman who couldn’t find the right woman or man.

You don’t confront a heterosexist remark for fear of being seen as a gay man or lesbian.
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NOW Lesbian Task Force. Lesbians: A Consciousness Raising Kit. Boston: Boston NOW Lesbian Task Force, 1980, 1980. Print.

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